In December of 2019, the Signal Hill, National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution, Barrington Chapter, partnered with Wreaths Across America for a national Veterans grave remembrance at historic Evergreen Cemetery.  Through fundraising and donations, nearly 400 of the 500 identified graves were honored with a wreath. 

The lineage chapter intends to continue this partnership as long as it is viable.  Members of Signal Hill have undertaken the task to research and write up short biographies of some the veterans who have been laid to rest at Evergreen, and will continue to work on the task. 

If you have a Veteran who is interred in Evergreen, and would like to have the biography of that person included in this database, please contact Jacqueline Marcus at with the information.

Remember. Honor. Teach.

Courtesy of Signal Hill Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution


Abbott, Henry T. (1836-1909)

Abbott, Joshua (1791-1882)

Abbs, Eli (1835-1924)

Allen, Robert L. (1923-2014)

Anderson, Marjorie Forester (1922-2009)

Bell, Bruce M., Sr. (1941-2019)

Biermann, George E. (1926-1968)

Bischoffer, Louis C. (1926-1997)

Bonham, James Edward (1918-2013)

Bonham, Erma Lee nee Young (1921-2017)

Branson, Jeanne Mary Thieroff (1945-2019)

Brown, W. Luman (1846-1927)

Brugge, Philip Brandin (1920-1980)

Capulli, Jane Patterson (1924-1990)

Combs, Richard Douglas (1925-1944)

Cotting, James C. (1933-2021)

DeBaun, Robert B. (1950-2010)

Echternach, Gerald G. (1931-2020)

Egan, Michael J. (1928-2021)

Ekizian, John (1933-2021)

Ekstrom, Edward W. (1928-2021)

Ela, George (1805-1882)

Etters, Roy George (1922-1995)

Filkins, Frank S. (1839-1905)

Flubacker, Ronald C. (1946-2018)

Frazee, John P. (1842-1925)

Hagglund, Robert A. (1932-2021)

Heidkamp, Timothy J. (1955-1993)

Homuth, Herbert Leroy (1894-1938)

Homuth, Lester R. (1925-2013)

Homuth, Wellons B. (1920-2002)

Jaeggin, Egon R. (1935-2021)

Johnson, Donald K. (1919-2011)

Johnson, Lillian R. (1910-1968)

Johnson, Robert Alfred (1924-2009)

Kampert, Harry M. (1915-2020)

Kampert, Robert K. (1916-1951)

Kelsey, Wilfred L. (1900-1953)

Kendeigh, Donald C. (1939-2021)

Kenney, Frank D. (1922-2010)

Killian, Donald J. (1934-2021)

Klotnia, Joseph P. (1934-2021)

Landwer, Herbert Willis (1892-1964)

Latimer, Charles E. (1963-2005)

Logue, William Michael, Sr. (1928-2009)

Martin, Charles (1928-1953)

Mattison, Charles J. (1938-2020)

McNeil, Evelyn Roslyn Johns (1921-2003)

Meinhard, Richard J. (1931-2000)

Meissner, Harry Francis (1926-1999)

Meissner, Richard H. (1952-1995)

Meyer, Gustav (1825-1895)

Miller, Robert W. (1935-2019)

Moeller, Walter G. (1923-2015)

Mooney, Richard C. (1939-2020)

Nordmeier, Henry (1845-1929)

Olson, Carl G. IV (1896-1986)

Olson, Lawrence Wayne (1945-2021)

Otis, Charles B. (1841-1908)

Pahlke, Alfred C. (1917-2008)

Paine, Charles (1842-1865)

Peck, Sanford (1848-1923)

Powell, Edward Schuyler (1913-1995)

Powell, Hazel Beatrice Hollingsworth (1917-2014)

Powers, Lyman Leroy (1841-1906)

Purcell, Robert Fulton (1841-1926)

Robertson, Lucile Gladys (1900-1986)

Robinson, Delores Elmina Lavine (1924-2019)

Rowland, Etta Mae Hutchinson (1915-2004)

Sargent, Edward R. (1843-1864)

Schneider, LeRoy N. (1921-2007)

Schueler, Edward J. (1919-2006) 

Schulke, Russell G. (1946-1968)

Seaverns, Isaac W. (1840-1918)

Sieg, Ewald (1935-2020)

Siewers, John B., Jr. (1933-2017)

Skidmore, Donald E. (1938-2021)

Snider, Wayne W. (1923-2014)

Soule, Robert G. (1931-2015)

Steinmetz, Robert R. (1932-2017)

Trojnar, Peter E. (1926-2010)

Van Hagen, George Ely (1923-2015)

Ward, Julia E. (1916-2003)

Wellestat, Marjorie Elaine Gollady (1921-1990)

Williams, Hiram H. (1847-1918)

Wilson, Haskell L., Jr. (1946-2015)

Wollar, Burnell J. (1925-2021)

Wray, Donald C. (1928-2020)

Wright, Danforth P. (1939-2020)

Zatt, Earle E. (1928-2009)

Zelsdorf, Bernard James (1927-2021)