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Community Events

Nonprofit Know-How: Resources Round Table

When: Thursday, October 7 – 12:00pm - 1:00pm

What are the challenges you face in your work? What solutions can you share with your peers? We can talk about logistics, social media, recruiting volunteers, or other issues.

Library Board of Trustees Meeting

When: Monday, October 11 – 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Regular monthly meeting of the library's Board of Trustees. The meeting will take place in Meeting Room, Side A. See the meeting notice and agenda on the library website as ...

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Launching now: Barrington Area Volunteer Connection, an exciting new way for local nonprofits and volunteers to find each other!  
To learn more, visit, join an upcoming program, or read the Jan 2020 Quintessential Barrington.   

Local Resources Relating to COVID-19 and the Shelter In Place Order: medical information, care for seniors and others needing assistance, help for the hungry and for small businesses, much more. To add a resource, please contact Community Engagement Librarian Sam Adams-Lanham at

Libraries Are For Everyone: Read the Barrington Area Library's statement on building an engaged and inclusive community, and explore a sampling of resources and programming we've offered relating to Pride Month, Black Lives Matter, and National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Foundation Directory Online: Hoping to use your time at home to research funding opportunities for your non-profit? Candid has provided BALibrary customers with a temporary remote access link. You may share this via email with other non-profit leaders, but Candid respectfully asks that it not be shared on social media.

Community Calendar - Local non-profit organizations may submit events for listing on our online community calendar.

Community Information Screen - The library dedicates one of its large, in-house video display screens to promoting community events. Local non-profit organizations may submit Powerpoint slides, or submit flyers/posters via email in PDF or other formats, for the library to create slides. We regret that we are not able to take posters, brochures or other printed materials for display in the library. Librarians are available to assist you in scanning posters for our community information screen. Complete details.

Community Pages - Local clubs and organizations may add their information to the library catalog. When library customers search for books and movies on related subjects, information about your nonprofit will also appear in the search results. For details, please contact the Community Engagement Librarian at

Services to businesses - In addition to non-profit organizations, the library offers many services to local businesses. See our business page.

Services to schools - Visit the Kids' website to learn about book bag loans, school visits, and group tours.

TEDx events are locally planned versions of TED, the series of engaging and inspiring talks designed to spark conversation and connection through "ideas worth spreading." Use the links below to view all of the TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary talks we've held throughout the years, and keep the conversation going!

TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary 2020 - The Barrington Area Library held its sixth annual TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary event on November 12, 2020. Janet Anderson and Melissa Buckley were the featured speakers.

TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary 2019 - The Barrington Area Library held its fifth annual TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary event on October 17, 2019. Star* Cunningham, Leslie Ferris Yerger, and Andy Milne were the featured speakers.

TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary 2018The Barrington Area Library held its fourth TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary event on October 11, 2018. Sam Oliver, Chrissie Mena, and Reverend Dr. Zina Jacque were the featured speakers.

TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary 2017 - The Barrington Area Library held its third TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary event on October 5, 2017. Joy Wagner, Renee Blue, and Douglas McConnell were the featured speakers.

TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary 2016 - The Barrington Area Library held its second TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary event on October 6, 2016. Courtney Quigley, Dr. Brian Harris, Bob Lee, and Joyce Palmquist were the featured speakers.

TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary 2015 - The Barrington Area Library held its first TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary event on October 1, 2015. Sarah Bealles, David Hirsch, and Michael Miles were the featured speakers.