Lots of great books were checked out to our community in 2021. The top checkouts tended to be titles from the Illinois Readers Choice Awards (Caudills, Bluestems, and Monarchs). We also saw some serious circulation from the always popular Mo Willems and Jeff Kinney. Here are the most frequently checked-out books from the Youth Services department in 2021:

Picture Book:


SumoKitty by David Biedrzycki



Beginning Reader:


Happy Pig Day! By Mo Willems


Juvenile Chapter Book: it was a tie!


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown by Jeff Kinney 


Inkling by Kenneth Oppel


Teen Fiction:

Other Words for Home by Jasmine Warga


Graphic Novel:


Be Prepared by Vera Brosgol




 Torpedoed: The True Story of the World War II Sinking of “The Children’s Ship” by Deborah Heiligman




Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J. K. Rowling




Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Deep End by Jeff Kinney


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Youth Services Librarian Allison 

Snowy season is here! Enjoy 3 of our favorite Story Time Rhymes about snow!

Bumpin’ up and down in my little blue sled

Bumpin’ up and down in my little blue sled

Bumpin’ up and down in my little blue sled

Won’t you be my darlin’


Snow is fallin’ down in my little blue sled

Snow is fallin’ down in my little blue sled

Snow is fallin’ down in my little blue sled

Won’t you be my darlin’


Wavin’ to my friends in my little blue sled

Wavin’ to my friends in my little blue sled

Wavin’ to my friends in my little blue sled

Won’t you be my darlin’ 


A chubby little snowman,

Had a carrot nose.

Along came a bunny,

And what do you suppose?

That hungry little bunny, 

Looking for his lunch,

Ate that snowman’s carrot nose

Nibble, nibble, crunch!


Snow on my forehead, 

Snow on my knee,

Snow on my glasses,

Getting hard to see!

Snow on my boots,  

Snow on my hair,

Snow on my mittens,



Follow along with more of our rhymes on our YouTube channel!

  Youth Services Librarian Demitra 

Winter break is here-HURRAY! Celebrate by cuddling up with one of these excellent winter reads, a nice cup of hot cocoa, and a cozy blanket.


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    Youth Services Specialist Stefanie 

This month, pick up a special Take-and-Make Kit with all sorts of art supplies to inspire you. The challenge? Create something awesome! Come up with your own design and creation using this kit. You can use other materials or tools you might have in your house if you’d like. 


Once you’ve created your masterpiece, email us a photo at youthservices@balibrary.org and we’ll feature your art on the YS Blog.

Take-and-Make Maker Challenge Kits are available for pickup starting Monday, Dec. 20, while supplies last. Recommended for kids in Kindergarten through 8th grade. No registration required.


Discover more programs and events on the Library Calendar

Youth Services Librarian Allison 


Bring home a fun new project! Sign up from our Library Calendar and pick up a kit at the Youth Services desk or through our Parking Lot Pickup service between December 20-January 14.


Toddler & PreK: DIY Paint Brushes

Turn some common items and clothespins into paint brushes to see what you can create. Register for the December/January Toddler & PreK Take-and-Make Kit here.


Your Kit Contains:

  • 5 sheets of cardstock
  • 8 clothes pins
  • 2 pipe cleaners
  • 2 pieces of sponge
  • 4 feathers
  • 1 pom pom
  • 1 sheet of aluminum foil
  • 3 cups of different colored paint




1. Take all of your items out of the box.

2. Assemble paintbrushes by attaching one clothes pin to each of the 5 different materials in the box. For example: secure just 1 or all 4 feathers to a clothespin to create a feather brush.


3. Optional—find 3 more materials from around the house to create your own paintbrushes with the extra clothespins.

4. Use assembled brushes to apply paint to a sheet of cardstock.

5. Let dry.

6. Enjoy your artwork!


Extension Questions/Discussion:

  • Identify each color paint by name.
  • Can you mix the paint colors together to create new colors?
  • What other types of things do you think would make good paintbrushes? Why?
  • How do each of the different paintbrushes feel as you put paint on the paper? Which one is hardest to use? Which one is easiest?
  • How does the paint look on the paper with each of the different paintbrushes? Describe it.
  • Which brush is your favorite? Why?


Show us what you created! Send us pictures at youthservices@balibrary.org



Grades K-2: Pour Painting

Drip, drop, pour, and spread paint to create a unique work of art. Register for the December/January Grades K-2 Take-and-Make Kit here.


Supplies in your kit:

  • Canvas
  • 3 bottles of tempera paint


You’ll also need:

  • Disposable cups (or something to hold up your canvas while you paint)


1. Find a surface where you can get a little messy. You can lay out a tablecloth, some paper towels, or whatever you have on hand.

2. Arrange four disposable cups so that you can rest your canvas on top.




3. Open your bottles of paint and begin to pour the paint directly onto the canvas from the bottle. I made squiggly lines, but feel free to experiment.



4. Continue pouring the paint onto the canvas, until a majority of your canvas is covered in paint.


5. Once you have enough paint on the canvas, pick up your canvas and begin to move it around in different directions, so that the paint will drip into the empty spaces and cover the whole canvas.



6. Let your canvas dry overnight.


Show us what you created! Send us pictures at youthservices@balibrary.org



Grades 3-8: DIY Calendar

Put your personal touch on this monthly calendar and use it to keep track of important events throughout the year. Register for the December/January Grades 3-8 Take-and-Make Kit here.



Your Kit contains:

  • Blank calendar
  • 5 markers or pens
  • 1 set of holiday stickers
  • 1 set of colored stickers
  • 2022 Calendar print out
  • Holiday date print out


1. Flip open the calendar, in the long rectangle on the top of each calendar page label the correct month.


2. Use the provided sheet to number the days of the month in the corresponding boxes.


3. The holiday stickers correspond with the listed Holidays and their dates on the sheet of paper. Locate the dates on your calendar and add the correct sticker.


4. Add dates that are important to you and your family: birthdays, sporting events, lessons, beginning of a new season, appointments, special plans, etc…


5. Use the provided pens and decorate the calendar however you choose. Feel free to use any materials that you have at home to add to the calendar design. Magazines, glitter glue, colored pencils, anything!



Show us what you created! Send us pictures at youthservices@balibrary.org. 


  Youth Services Assistant Librarian Alyssa 


Are you looking for some sweet tunes that'll match your little one's independent spirit? Have you memorized every Disney soundtrack? Can you recite the lyrics to every Wiggles album ever? Looking for something a little different? Join the kindie rock revolution!

Kindie ("kid" + "indie") music is a relatively new genre of children's music in which artists approach child-friendly themes with an earnest, singer-songwriter mindset.

Here are 6 great albums to get started.


Former Blue's Clues host and children's media superstar Steve Burns teams up with Flaming Lips multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd to produce a sprawling, ambitious album that's as laugh-out-loud funny as it is radically sincere. Burns accompanies the listener through a bizarre world occupied by unicorns ("The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow"), giants ("If You're Ginormous and You Know It"), clever ocean critters ("Mimic Octopus"), and more. Sometimes songs are instructional, like "A Fact Is a Gift You Give Your Brain," whereas others are dedicated to exploring feelings of joy, sadness, love, disappointment, and determination ("The Happy Then Sad Then Triumphant Spider," "The Lonely Unicorn Is Never Giving Up!"). Burns knows that kids are just as capable of genuine insight as they are total absurdity, and he manages to walk the line between these two extremes without sacrificing musical quality. The album never wears out its welcome, as Burns and Drozd make every song dynamic and unique, from the garage rock-tinged "Space Rock Rock" to the narrated soundscape of the titular closing track. Foreverywhere is a treat for adults and kids alike, and is sure to enjoy regular rotation around the house.


Caspar Babypants
Hot Dog!

Erstwhile singer of the Presidents of the United States of America ("Lump," "Peaches") Chris Ballew offers up 19 cozy, kid-friendly tracks with an old school rock-and-roll sensibility. Ballew-as-Babypants is so prolific that I could have filled this post with nothing but his music and that would still be a decent introduction at best... so if he's a hit with your family, you're in luck! Hot Dog! begins with the doo-wop-influenced "Sugar Ant," then transitions into rock-and-rollers like "Crazy Blue Beetle" and "Summer Baby (Let It Ride)," as well as softer tracks like "This Old Whale" and "Eleanor the Elegant Elephant." Songs like "Bunny Brown" and "I Don't Mind" would feel perfectly at home in the repertoire of Buddy Holly and the Crickets. Babypants's world is gentle, absent of the world-shaking revelations of Foreverywhere -- but no less empowering. And for you Beatlemaniacs out there: he has released three albums of Beatles covers -- Baby Beatles!, Beatles Baby!, and Best Beatles! I'm particularly fond of his cover of "Here Comes the Sun," which enjoyed regular play in our program playlist.


Frances England
Blue Skies and Sunny Days

This gentle, 8-song adventure from kindie veteran Frances England is the perfect soundtrack to a lazy day filled with play, a road trip, or much-needed downtime after a long, stressful day. England immediately sets the tone with the aptly-titled "Carefree," capturing the feeling with verses about school's end, going to the movies, and most importantly, spending time with the ones you love. Despite its title "Into the Wild" maintains a cozy, laid-back approach as England explores the difficult position of being bored and having too much energy. "Not Just My Sister" celebrates the titular sibling ("she's not just my sister, she's my best friend"). "Good Day" is a slice-of-life anthem punctuated with finger snaps and self-backing vocals. "If You Want to Sing Out" encourages little ones to forge their own paths, to express themselves however they're comfortable ("if you want to be me, be me/if you want to be you, be you"). "Mama Said" has the narrator find strength in their mother's advice. "Perfect Tuesday Afternoon" feels like a sonic sibling to "Carefree." Album closer "Watching You Grow" flips the perspective to the caretaker, as England celebrates the joy of watching her little one grow up ("I feel so proud it's hard to measure/A love so big, so deep forever/Watching you grow, watching you grow").


The Okee Dokee Brothers

Time for some seasonal fun! Bluegrass musicians the Okee Dokee Brothers celebrate winter, from the first snowfall to the first signs of spring. The Brothers open the album with "Blankets of Snow," a joyous Appalachian-style number complete with hollers and shouts. "Ice Fishin' Shack" portrays the simple joy of spending time with a buddy. Silly banjo-driven tune "The Abominable Yeti" warns listeners about the mythical beast. "You You You," a potential bedtime favorite, thanks the listener for being themselves. The mostly-a cappella interlude "Slumberjack" gives the listener tips on how to fall asleep. The Brothers incorporate ukulele in the self-explanatory "Ukulele in a Snowstorm." "Howl" celebrates being "the wild ones," complete with wolfish howling -- a great song for getting out some excess energy! The appropriately-sleepy "Lazy Day" is accented by muffled brass and yawns. The energy picks up afterward with "North Country Dance Band," followed by the ode to nature "Great Grandmother Tree." Penultimate track "New Year" explores the gentle transition between the old and the new. The album closes with the upbeat "Signs of Spring," pointing out the little moments that make the incoming season so lovely, while acknowledging that, like the cycling seasons, "death is part of life." For fans of Mumford & Sons, the Lumineers, Fleet Foxes, or anyone looking for the perfect album to accompany a cold night in.


Lisa Loeb
Feel What U Feel

Lisa Loeb kicks off this sunny slab of pop rock with the infectious "Moon Star Pie (It's Gonna Be Alright)," assuaging childhood anxieties with reassurances and advice ("twist yourself up like a cinnamon pretzel, connect the dots with the spots of your freckles"). "Say Hello," which encourages listeners to overcome that-all-too-awkward feeling when one meets someone new, is bolstered by bombastic orchestral flourishes. Craig Robinson (The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) hops onto the title track, which finds him trading off kid-friendly raps about feelings and why it's okay to experience them:

"Feeling weird-o
Itchy beard-o
Something’s just not right
Rat race
Need space
Skin’s on too tight
Guess what? It’s okay!
Go on and feel what u feel today..."

The gentle chords of heartstring-tugger "I Was Here" are perfect accompaniment to the track's self-affirming lyrics. "You Can Count on Me" and "The Sky Is Always Blue" assure the listener that they are not alone and that things will work out in the end. "Wiggle" is an instructional dance number. Craig Robinson rejoins Loeb for "It's All Right to Cry," telling kids that, even if they're strange, feelings are real, and they change, and that's okay. Loeb rounds out the album with a lullaby version of "You Can Count on Me" -- another potential bedtime favorite.


Jack Forman
Hold the Phone

Recess Monkey alum Jack Forman opens this indie pop-influenced opus with "The Sun Comes Up Again," an ode to our favorite star and the things it does for us. Ska number "I Had to Pee (On a Ferris Wheel)" describes this exact nightmare scenario with side-splitting detail. Harry Potter fans will enjoy "Little Dobby Does It," a sonic biography of the hapless house elf. "The Cat Walk" paints a portrait of a particularly arrogant furry family friend, complete with meowed vocals. "Surprise Party" invites the listener to join a birthday party. "I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing" finds the narrator lamenting his decision to eat an entire birthday cake, a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies, and other treats. Forman utilizes his upper register in "Tooth Fairy Works Nights," paying tribute to that unsung provider of small bills. The chaotic "Assembly Line" describes all the little things that have to happen just to get a little one to school. If you're looking for something on the silly side, be sure to check out Hold the Phone.


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  Youth Services Librarian Chris 


Here are a handful of our favorite books published in 2021 for young readers. Check out the full list for more great recommendations!

MaryJo recommends...

Kingston and the Magician's Lost and Found by Rucker Moses and Theo Gangi 

Alyssa recommends...

The Smashed Man of Dread End by J. W. Ocker

Noe Wiley is excited to move to a new house after a sleepwalking incident that ended in her accidentally hurting her friend. But soon she’s confronted with a group of hostile girls that live on her new street and a note that says only, “Don’t go into the basement of your house at night.” Curious, she does exactly what the girls told her not to do and ventures into her basement after dark to find a flat, grinning man oozing out of a crack in the wall. Now she’ll need the girls’ help if she wants to rid her house—and the world—of this monster, but can they figure out who he is and where he comes from in time to save their families and each other? This book was so wonderfully creepy and fast-paced that I read it in a single day. You may want to read this tale of friendship and monsters with the light on. And don’t go into the basement at night!

Allison recommends...

Just Like That! by Gary D. Schmidt


Stefanie recommends...

Little Witch Hazel: A Year in the Forest by Phoebe Wahl

Travel through the four seasons with Little Witch Hazel, a little witch who is all about helping the inhabitants of her forest community. Her adventures include rescuing an orphaned egg, rafting with her friends, encountering a haunted tree stump, and tending to her many patients in the midst of a blizzard. Heartwarming and cozy, Little Witch Hazel is the perfect choice for fans of books like Frog and Toad and Mister Putter and Tabby.

 See even more of our 2021 favorites!


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We are excited to share five fantastic picture books with you, available in our Mock Caldecott Kits! Here are three of the five contenders up for the prize of 2021's Favorite Picture Book by the Barrington Area Library community. 

 You can host your own Mock Caldecott with friends, families, or classmates, in-person or online. Start by checking out one of our new kits, complete with five outstanding books of 2021, chosen by your librarian friends, along with guides to help you make your discussion a success. Drop off a ballot, also included in the kits, to participate in the big community vote by January 19. 

Zonia's Rain Forest by Juana Martinez-Neal
Strollercoaster by Matt Ringler, art by Raúl the Third and Elaine Bay
Mel Fell by Corey R. Tabor
Unspeakable: The Tulsa Race Massacre by Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrations by Floyd Cooper
Wishes by by Mu̕ọ̕n Thị Văn, illustrations by Victo Ngai

Find out more about our Mock Caldecott here.

Youth Services Librarian Allison 


Blankets? Check. Popcorn? Check. The perfect movie for a warm night in? We’ve got you covered.

The following titles are available at the Barrington Area Library.



Kiki’s Delivery Service

Studio Ghibli

Runtime: 103 minutes

Young Kiki is eager to become a witch, but first she's got to make it on her own. With the help of her trusty talking cat, Jiji, she flies to a faraway city and sets up a magical delivery service. She befriends her new neighbors, helps bake a herring-and-pumpkin pie, and saves the day, all while growing up and determining her own place in the world. This gentle, magical adventure focuses on the little moments in life, and its adorable protagonist is sure to warm your family's hearts.


Hotel Transylvania

Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Animation

Runtime: 91 minutes

Who knew Dracula was such a great dad? After suffering the tragic loss of his wife, Count Dracula opens a 5-star hotel with his daughter, Mavis, catering to all sorts of creepy characters. Despite his love for his daughter, Dracula -- "Drac" -- grows overprotective of her, and when he finds out she wants to explore the human world he tries to interfere... only for a human to find his way into the hotel and shake things up. This silly animated feature is sure to be a hit with little monsters everywhere.




Shaun the Sheep Movie

Aardman Animations

Runtime: 85 minutes

This hilarious adventure from the minds who brought us Wallace and Gromit stars Shaun, a bored sheep on the farm. After a series of mishaps involving a bump to the farmer's head, sheep shearing, and celebrity hairstyling, Shaun suddenly finds himself loose in the city... Maybe the quiet country life is better, after all (at least, for sheep). Based on the hit television series, Shaun the Sheep Movie is a silly, action-packed romp jam-packed with adorable animal characters.



Ernest & Celestine

Le Parti Productions/Les Armateurs/Melusine Productions

Runtime: 80 minutes

Celestine is a mouse. Ernest is a bear. Their friendship is a little... complicated. Mice live in fear of the bears who roam the outside world, and with good reason -- when Celestine, an aspiring dentist, ventures away from her home to collect cubs' teeth, she encounters Ernest, a starving bear. What begins with one trying to eat the other transforms into a heartwarming friendship that defies prejudice and stereotyping, sending a message to mouse- and bearkind that they can get along if they try. Originally French language; English dub is available.

Contains some scenes viewers may find disturbing -- Ernest almost eats Celestine at the beginning, and there are some scenes of arson.



The Boxtrolls


Runtime: 97 minutes

Set in Victorian Britain, The Boxtrolls tells the story of Eggs, a young boy abandoned on the streets of Cheesebridge. Eggs was raised by Boxtrolls, strange creatures who name themselves after their boxes (Fish, Fragile, Oil Can, etc.). Eggs and his pals spend their days scavenging, exploring the city, and avoiding the watchful eye of the White Hats, the town's cheese-loving rulers, and their minions. This delightful (and delightfully strange) feature from the studio who brought us Coraline and Kubo and the Two Strings will be a hit for fantasy-lovers of all ages.



Song of the Sea

Cartoon Saloon/Melusine Productions

Runtime: 94 minutes

Inspired by Irish mythology and folklore, Song of the Sea follows 10-year-old Ben and his sisters, Saoirse. Ben has always had a troubled relationship with his sister, as shortly after her birth their mother disappeared. Ben blames his sister for their mother's disappearance, but he's forced to put his feelings aside when, upon Saoirse's sixth birthday, she reveals that she is a selkie, a mythical water spirit. Ben and his sister travel the sea to rescue fairies trapped by the magic of the Owl Witch, Macha. This beautifully-animated sea-faring tale is full of heart and wonder, and kids (and adults!) fascinated by mythology will eagerly plunder its depths.


The Grinch

Illumination/Universal Pictures

Runtime: 86 minutes

Everybody in Whoville is ready for the holidays... everybody, that is, except for the grumpy Grinch, who lives in a cave overlooking the town. The green grouch menaces the town for fun, playing pranks and ruining their festivities. A chance encounter with little Cindy Lou Who forces the Grinch to confront his loneliness, and suddenly he finds himself offered a shot at redemption. Even the grinchiest Grinch will find their heart growing three sizes during this adorable adaption of Dr. Seuss's timeless book.



Mary and the Witch’s Flower

Studio Ponoc

Runtime: 103 minutes

Mary recently moved in with her great aunt Charlotte, and she. Is. Bored. After a less-than-great run-in with a local boy, Mary stumbles upon some strange flowers... and when she accidentally bursts one of the bulbs, she suddenly has the powers of a witch! These are "fly-by-nights," magical flowers that can turn you into a witch -- but only for one night at a time. Mary tricks her way into the local witch's school and learns the tricks of the trade, only to learn that hiding who you really are never works out for anyone. This feature film from former Studio Ghibli employees is a spirited, high-flying tale of friendship and self-acceptance.



Rise of the Guardians


Runtime: 97 minutes

Jack Frost, the Spirit of Winter, enjoys delivering snow days to bored schoolkids. But he's lonely -- nobody believes in him, and he doesn't have any friends. That is, until he's forced to team up with the Guardians, a crack team of heroes -- Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, and the Easter Bunny -- to stop Pitch Black, the bogeyman, from cursing the children of the world with endless nightmares. Did I mention that this Santa is a tattooed Russian strongman? Or that the Easter Bunny is actually Australian? This fantasy romp is based on the children's book series by William Joyce (creator of Rolie Polie Olie, among others). Fans of fantasy, sci-fi, and the holidays will have lots of fun with these great characters.



My Neighbor Totoro

Studio Ghibli

Runtime: 86 minutes

Sisters Satsuki and Mei move with their father to the Japanese countryside, so they can be closer to the hospital where their mother is staying. Their new house isn't so... new: it's dusty, musty, and filled to the brim with magical sprites. One day Mei wanders into the forest and encounters Totoro, a huge spirit, and takes a nap with him. This is the start of the sisters' friendship with the strange creature, who helps them appreciate the magic that surrounds them, from the spirits in their house to the magical Cat Bus. This gentle, heartstring-tugging story is more about the small things than a grand adventure. Families will surely love Totoro and his newfound friends.


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These books have all the ingredients to be one of your next great reads.

Hungry for a personalized buffet of books? Try a Browsing Bundle! 

  Youth Services Librarian Demitra 

Last year, the Barrington Area Library community correctly predicted the winner of the real 2021 Caldecott Medal! (It was We Are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom, illustrated by Michaela Goade.) Can we do it again??

A Mock Caldecott is a book discussion and vote for the best illustrated book of the year, inspired by the official committee of librarians, educators, and experts who award the real Caldecott Medal to one lucky book each year. The Barrington Area Library is hosting our own community-wide Mock Caldecott vote.

You can host your own Mock Caldecott with friends, families, or classmates, in-person or online. Start by checking out one of our new kits, complete with five outstanding books of 2021, chosen by your librarian friends, along with guides to help you make your discussion a success. 

Drop off a ballot, also included in the kits, to participate in the big community vote by January 19. Who will be crowned our favorite picture book of 2021? I can't wait to find out! 

Zonia's Rain Forest by Juana Martinez-Neal
Strollercoaster by Matt Ringler, art by Raúl the Third and Elaine Bay
Mel Fell by Corey R. Tabor
Unspeakable: The Tulsa Race Massacre by Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrations by Floyd Cooper
Wishes by by Mu̕ọ̕n Thị Văn, illustrations by Victo Ngai


Find out more about our Mock Caldecott here.

Youth Services Librarian Allison 


Looking for the perfect creepy stories to share around the campfire (or by candlelight) this weekend? We've got you covered! This selection of stories ranges from very light scares to truly terrifying tales, and everything in between.


The Doll in the Hall and Other Scary Stories by Max Brallier, illustrated by Letizia Rubegni

This third book in the Mister Shivers series is perfect for those ready to dip their toes into some scary content. These five standalone stories include a little something for everyone, including a creepy doll, an eerily itchy cast, a vengeful tooth fairy, and so much more. 

Recommended for Grades K-2


Scary Stories to Read When It's Dark

 Scary Stories to Read When It’s Dark is a classic collection of thrills and chills featuring your favorite amphibians, Frog and Toad, and along with a handful of other popular folktales and retellings. 

Recommended for Grades K-3


A World Full of Spooky Stories: 50 Tales to Make Your Spine Tingle by Angela McAllister, illustrated by Madalina Andronic

An anthology of tales from around the world, divided into themes such as strangers at the door, home of the spirits, enchanted places, and frozen lands. 

Recommended for Grades K-4


Hide and Don't Seek: And Other Very Scary Stories by Anica Mrose Rissi

 In this contemporary collection of 20 hair-raising stories, you’ll be sure to find the right fit for your campfire storytelling. From a murder of murderous crows, to an unconventional summer camp, and an even more unconventional teacher, and so much more, these stories are guaranteed to have you peeking over your shoulders for days.

Recommended for Grades 4-6


Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

 This graphic novel is truly terrifying and not for the faint of heart, perfect for fans of the classic book, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

Recommended for Grades 6+


Looking for more recommendations? Fill out our form to get a custom list of reads or a Book Bundle for pickup.



    Youth Services Specialist Stefanie