• Special Take-and-Make Kit: Maker Challenge!

    This month, pick up a special Take-and-Make Kit with all sorts of art supplies to inspire you. The challenge? Create something awesome! Come up with your own design and creation using this kit. You can use other materials or tools you might have in your house if you’d like. 


    Once you’ve created your masterpiece, email us a photo atyouthservices@balibrary.org and we’ll feature your art on the YS Blog.

    Take-and-Make Maker Challenge Kits are available for pickup starting Monday, Dec. 20, while supplies last. Recommended for kids in Kindergarten through 8th grade. No registration required.


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    Youth Services Librarian Allison 


  • DIY Light Painting


    Light painting is one of my favorite programs to do with kids. It's simple, requires very few materials, and no matter the skill level, the pictures always turn out great.

    You only need a few materials to do light painting:

    1. A flash light. Glow sticks, finger lights, and Christmas lights can also be fun.


    2. A camera set to a long shutter or slow shutter.

    If you use the camera on a smart phone or iPad, you can use apps such as Slow Shutter or Long Expo. The longer it takes for the shutter to close, the more time you will have to do your design. You can experiment with how long you want the shutter to be open. If you are using a digital camera, your camera's manual will help you find how to change your camera's settings. The long shutter setting may show a night icon.


    3. A dark room. Try to make the room as dark as possible.


    Check out the video below for more details on how to do light painting at home.



    Light painting can be fun for kids of all ages. Younger kids can stand in front of the camera, and wave the flashlight. Older kids can be the photographer or try drawing specific shapes and drawings. Adults may discover a passion for light painting too!


    Once you get the hang of light painting, you can try more complicated designs. At the Barrington Area Library, we love seeing your creations. If you would like to share your light painting designs, email them to youthservices@balibrary.org.


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      Youth Services Librarian Ann 



  • It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's a Straw Glider!

    Have you ever made a paper airplane, only to be disappointed with the results? The folds are too complicated, and it just doesn't seem to fly very well.

    Well, I have a solution for you! With just a straw, strips of stiff paper (such as an index card), tape, and scissors, you can make a simple straw glider that will fly well.

    Check out the video below, to see how to make a straw glider.

    Now that you know how to make a straw glider, you can experiment with the design and see what happens when you change your design. Here are some questions to ask when you make changes.

    • What happens when you make the glider with a different type of paper?
    • What happens if you move the loops to a different part of the straw?
    • What happens if you add more loops?
    • What happens if you use different kinds of straws?
    • What happens if you make the straw shorter or longer?

    Once you've determined the best design, try having some glider races with your family. How far was your glider able to go?

    At the Barrington Area Library, we love seeing your creativity. Share your pictures or videos of your straw gliders by emailing youthservices@balibrary.org.

    Looking for more fun activities?  Here is a list of the library’supcoming events for kids.


      Youth Services Librarian Ann