Relax and enjoy that book or movie a little longer: beginning July 1, 2022, eligible BALibrary items will automatically renew!

How does auto-renewal work?

Two days before an item is due: you will receive notification that the item has been automatically renewed, if it is eligible for renewal.

After you’ve enjoyed the item for an additional loan period: it will be automatically renewed a second time, if it is eligible, and you have not already returned it. You may also continue to renew your own eligible items, and Library staff can renew them for you as well.

What happens if my item is not eligible for auto-renewal?

If an item is not eligible for renewal when the due date approaches, you will receive a return reminder. Return the item to one of our convenient book returns, in 11 locations.

Which items are not eligible for automatic renewal?

• Items that are on hold for other customers.

• Book Club titles, backpacks, 4K Blu-Ray DVDs, Grab and Go books and DVDs, tablets and other technology equipment.

• Items that have already been renewed twice.

• Interlibrary Loans. E-mail the ILL department to inquire about possible renewals.

• Digital items, such as e-books and e-audio. These items may be eligible for renewal, but they cannot be auto-renewed.

• Items that were due or overdue prior to July 1, 2022.

Do I receive both renewals at the same time?

No. The first renewal will happen two days before the original due date. The second renewal will happen two days before the new due date. New due dates are calculated from previous due dates, so you will receive the full loan period with every renewal.

Why is the Barrington Area Library introducing this service?

We simply want to make it more convenient for you to enjoy your Library materials. Many of our neighboring libraries already have this service, and we have received feedback that our customers would like it, too.

Will auto-renewals prevent me from receiving items I’ve placed on hold?

No. The system will not auto-renew an item that a customer has placed on hold. The system will prompt the current borrower to return the material when the checkout period is ending.

Will check-out and renewal periods remain the same?

Yes. For more information on check-out periods, refer to this table.