Gratitude can have a big impact on our lives. It has been proven to be effective in improving mood, increasing ability to cope with emotions, decreasing stress, and so many other positive benefits. Let’s practice showing our gratitude in a creative way - with a scavenger hunt! Use the list below to find what sparks your joy and makes you smile.

  1. Something you enjoy looking at
  2. Something that is useful to you
  3. Something that is your favorite color
  4. Something that makes you smile when you see it
  5. Something that smells good
  6. Something that makes you laugh
  7. Something you enjoy in the morning
  8. Something you enjoy at night
  9. Something that means a lot to you
  10. Something you love to spend time with
  11. Something that reminds you of the people you love
  12. Something you created
  13. Something you like to share with others
  14. Something that makes you feel calm
  15. Something you love


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