Bring home a fun new project! Sign up from our Library Calendar and pick up a kit at the Youth Services desk or through our Parking Lot Pickup service between October 18-November 12.


Toddler & PreK: Fall Suncatcher

Catch the fall sun with this easy process art project. Register for the October/November Toddler & PreK Take-and-Make Kit here.




Show us what you created! Send us pictures at



Grades K-2: Fall Lantern

Turn a jar and tissue paper into a seasonal lantern. Register for the October/November Grades K-2 Take-and-Make Kit here.


Your kit contains:

  • Mason jar
  • Foam brush
  • Container of mod podge
  • Bag of precut tissue paper
  • Black card stock
  • Flameless tea light candle
  • Instructions



1. Use the foam brush to apply a very thin layer of mod podge over your jar (move on to step 2 immediately).


2. Working quickly, wrap your tissue paper around the jar. 


3. Smooth the tissue paper out as much as you can with your hands (don’t expect it to be perfectly smooth). If you get a tear; just dab a little mod podge and patch it with a small piece of tissue paper then smooth it over with your fingers.

4. If needed, use scissors (not provided) to snip away any excess tissue around the rim. Continue to press the tissue down with your fingers.


5. If desired, while your mod podge is drying (about 15 mins), cut cardstock to make a design. Use the foam brush and dab some mod podge on the area where you want to add your cardstock design. (Mod Podge acts as a glue and a sealer, so it will be our adhesive and our topcoat for this.)


6. Use your foam brush to paint another thin layer of mod podge all over your jar, this time on top of the tissue paper/ cardstock. Allow it to dry (about 15 mins). It will dry clear.


7. Screw on the ring part of the lid and add the tea light candle.  


Show us what you created! Send us pictures at



Grades 3-8: Button Canvas Art

Use a variety of buttons to create silhouette art. Register for the October Grades 3-8 Take-and-Make Kit here.



1. Pick out one of the cardstock templates for your design, or make your own. Your design can be anything that strikes your fancy!

2. Tape the template to the canvas.

3. Lightly draw the outline of the template with the pencil.


4. Remove template.

5. Optional: lay out the buttons you plan on using on the design. Include a variety of button sizes.

 6. Using the cotton swab, glue buttons to canvas.

 7. Optional: outline design with a marker.


Show us what you created! Send us pictures at




  Youth Services Assistant Librarian Alyssa