Bring home a fun new project! Sign up from our Library Calendar and pick up a kit at the Youth Services desk or through our Parking Lot Pickup service between August 9-20.


Toddler & PreK: Cotton Swab Painting

Use a cotton swab to dip, dot, and dash paint until your work of art is complete. Register for the August Toddler & PreK Take-and-Make Kit here.


Your kit contains:

  • Cardstock
  • Cotton swabs
  • Five containers of paint



1. Take all of your items out of the box. 

2. Use a cotton swab to apply paint to a sheet of cardstock.


3. Let dry.

4. Enjoy your beautiful masterpiece!


Extension Questions/Discussion

  • Talk to your child about the different colors of paint. What are they? Can they be mixed to create new colors? Do you see anything else in the room that is the same color?
  • Experiment with different application techniques. Try dotting the paint, or dragging the swab across the paper. Does it feel different? Can you make the same shape, once using dots and once using dashes?



Show us what you created! Send us pictures at



Grades K-2: Shaving Cream Marble Painting

Use shaving cream and paint for a sensory art experience. Register for the August Grades K-2 Take-and-Make Kit here.


1. Spray a layer of shaving cream into a shallow container or tray.

2. Using the pipettes, drip paint onto the shaving cream.


3. Swirl the colors together with a small popsicle stick.


4. Press a piece of paper down onto the top of the shaving cream.


5. Lift paper up and scrape all of the shaving cream off with a large popsicle stick.


6. Repeat! You may not need to add a new layer of shaving cream every time.


Show us what you created! Send us pictures at



Grades 3-8: Birdhouse Painting

Paint a house for our tiny feathered friends, then fill it with birdseed and display it in your yard. Register for the August Grades 3-8 Take-and-Make Kit here.

Allergy Warning: The Birdseed in this kit is manufactured in a facility that handles major allergens including peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, fish, and soy products. Therefore this product may contain such allergens.

Your kit contains:

  • 1 wooden birdhouse
  • 3 bottles of acrylic paint
  • 1 foam paintbrush
  • 1 nylon hair paintbrush
  • 1 bag of birdseed


1. Find a good spot where you can get a little messy while painting your birdhouse.


2. Spend some time thinking about how you’d like to design your birdhouse.

3. Start painting! There’s no wrong or right way to paint your birdhouse. The foam brush will work well painting a larger surface, while the nylon hair brush will help you to paint smaller details, like a flower or sun.


4. Once you’ve finished painting, let your birdhouse dry overnight.


5. Scoop some bird seed into your birdhouse, and find a good place to hang it outside.

6. Now you can admire the beauty of your birdhouse, while also doing some backyard birdwatching!


Bonus! All Ages Kit: Summer Reading Badge Display

Create a place to display and admire all of the badges you worked so hard to earn during Summer Reading.  Register for the Bonus! All Ages Take-and-Make Kit here.


Show us what you created! Send us pictures at



  Youth Services Assistant Librarian Alyssa