Have you completely exhausted your Disney+ options? Watched Frozen and How To Train Your Dragon more times than you can count? The Library is here to shake up your family movie nights! Consider one of these foreign films for something a little different.

Kiki’s Delivery Service 

Available on Blu-Ray and DVD

A plucky young witch-in-training sets out to discover her talent in a new city, accompanied by a sarcastic kitty named Jiji. Japan’s Studio Ghibli films are always my first stop when families are looking for something different. Their gentle stories and sweet characters make them great for families with preschoolers, but they are visually and narratively interesting to keep older kids and adults enchanted, too. Plus the English dubbing is excellent - no subtitles required.




The Secret of Kells 

Available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and streaming through kanopy

A boy learning the art of illumination (illustrating sacred texts) finds a mysterious child-like spirit in the forests surrounding the medieval monastery and a mystery involving an ancient book. I fell in love with the vibrant animation style, unusual setting, and stirring music in this Irish film.



The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales

Available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and streaming through hoopla

A pig, rabbit, and duck take on the task of delivering a bitty baby to her home after Stork hurts his wing. A fox plots to raise stolen eggs into delicious chickens, with hilarious consequences. And all the barnyard animals, smashing a plastic Santa decoration, fear they’ve killed the real Father Christmas and decide they must take on the gift delivery themselves. Adapted from French comic books, these stories are delightful. The dialogue is smart and funny, and the artwork (especially the big googly eyes) works perfectly with the light and silly story lines.


Marona’s Fantastic Tale

Available on Blu-Ray or DVD

The often tragic story of one sweet dog, shuffled between three different owners, who all abandon her for different reasons. Created in France, this film has much to offer, though probably only for families with older kids. (Content includes occasional crude language, scenes of smoking, and animal abuse/neglect.) The animation is gorgeous and strange, the English dubbing is fantastic, and the story is deeply affecting. Make sure you have the tissue box handy - you’re going to need every last one.



Available for streaming through hoopla and kanopy

A boy who loves stargazing can’t sleep one night when he sees the stars are disappearing. In his search for answers, he discovers that there’s a secret world of whisperers, dream writers, dew sprinklers, and countless other jobs to make sure nights proceed as intended. This Spanish film offers a unique and charming story with unusual character design and animation (you’ll either love it or hate it!).


Did you know? The Barrington Area Library offers cardholders free streaming videos through our hoopla and kanopy apps. Check them out!

Youth Services Librarian Allison