• 4 Music Artists on Freegal Who are Perfect for Young Listeners

    It is said that “Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast." Music has so many qualities. It makes us dance, smile, dream, and it puts us to sleep. In difficult times it can take us away and ease our minds. Putting music on when we're doing activities can bring such warmth into what we do.

    Today, try downloading some songs FREE from Freegal.  Freegal is a combination of “Free” and “Legal” and all of the songs come to us from the Sony Music Catalog. Freegal may not have your favorite artist, but why not try someone new? 

    Each week your Barrington Area Library card gives you access to download 5 songs (the week begins on Sundays) and best of all, they are yours to keep..forever! Login with your library card number to start downloading and add some music to your day.


    Caspar Babypants:My personal favorite children's artist. You just can't help but move around with his silly, upbeat songs! 






    Justin Roberts: If you're missing baseball, try this baseball inspired CD by a Chicago-based, Grammy-nominated artist. 







    Red Yarn: There's something for everyone with this little country, blues, and classic rock 'n roll album. 







    Sara Lovell:  This album won the Independent Award for Best Children’s Album of 2019. Can't get much better than that! 







    Mindful Moment

    Choose a comfortable place to listen to a soft song. Inhale gently through your nose and exhale deeply through your mouth. Notice the music, the sounds of the different instruments or tempo changes. Talk about how the music makes you feel. 

    "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything." Plato


       Youth Services Assistant Librarian Nancy