Written and compiled by Gerry Barry, November, 2009

Gerry Barry, a member of the Northern Illinois Civil War Round Table, has completed extensive research on Barrington's involvement in the Civil War. Combing through records for names of soldiers who enlisted at Miller's Grove Methodist Church in Barrington Hills, Barry found the names of 179 local residents who participated in the Civil War.

Further research added details about their regiments, companies, ranks, muster-in dates, and more. By tracing their paths, Barry was able to put together details about the Civil War experiences of local residents.

Complete document in PDF:
Barrington and the Civil War 1861 - 1865

Same document, broken into 8 sections:
Part 1 - Table of Contents, Prologue, Introduction
Part 2 - Barrington 1800-1865, Response to Mr. Lincoln's Call
Part 3 - Illinois Military Units Containing Barringtonians, Where They Fought
Part 4 - Barringtonians Who Served
Part 5 - Barringtonians Deceased in the Civil War, Barrington Civil War Veterans Buried in Evergreen Cemetery
Part 6 - Conclusion, Appendix A
Part 7 - Appendix B
Part 8 - Appendix C