Organization charter June 12, 1883 Christopher Dickinson Frank Hollister Frederick Wiseman A. S. Henderson M. E. Henderson A. A. Gleason L. E. Runyan Charles F. Senn Fred Hager H. H. Church F. A. Lageschulte Wm Humphrey Robert Purcell John B. Harsowes

Membership roster June 30, 1886 Muster Roll Lost first member W. H. Church 35 remaining members

The Muster Roll of June 30, 1893 identified for the first time as for the Gen Thomas W Sweeny Post.

First Quartermaster Report dated June 26, 1896 Balance on hand $1284 Value of post property Cash invested in furniture, flags, etc $175.00 Total value of post property $900.00

Muster Roll for June 30, 1908 lists the transfer of Charles Otis from Post 5. His age is listed as 68 and birth place is Barrington Township and residing in Barrington. He would be one of the earliest births in the Township.

In the Muster Roll of December 31, 1908 list Charles Otis as having died at the age of 68 on November 13, 1908 of cancer.

Charter suspended December 31, 1916

Post charter surrendered to the Illinois Executive Committee in Chicago and transfer certificates issued January 2, 1917 to following surviving members: F. A. Lageschulte (retiring commander) Robert Rainalson Henry Nondmyer Math Umbdenstock Henry C. Schafer E. R. Clark Samuel Clark Eli Abbs Robert Purcell

Three members remained after 33 years from the original 17 who made the application to create the post.