At a reception held on Monday, April 10, and at its regular meeting on Monday, May 8, the Barrington Area Library Board of Trustees offered gratitude to Don Minner, Bill Pizzi, and Denise Tenyer, who are retiring from the Board.

The Board offered special recognition to Minner, who is retiring from the Board after 28 years. During his tenure, Minner served as Vice President for 12 years, and President for 10 years.

Don Minner, pictured with his family.


The Board presented a resolution of appreciation to Minner, commending him as a dedicated advocate for the Library, its programs, and services; a selfless volunteer who gave countless hours of his time on behalf of the Library’s customers; and a source of thoughtful counsel for Library leaders and Board of Trustees. Over almost three decades of service, Minner encouraged the Library’s mission of stimulating imagination, developing information fluency, fostering lifelong learning, and creating young readers. Minner served as Board President during a major Library redesign and revitalization project in 2013 and 2014, which transformed and reimagined the building in order to meet the changing needs of the surrounding community for many years to come.

Appreciation was also offered to Pizzi for his 12 years of service, and Tenyer for her eight years of service. All three retiring trustees received personalized gifts from the Library’s MakerLab.

On behalf of the Barrington Area Library community, we offer our admiration and appreciation to Don Minner, Bill Pizzi, and Denise Tenyer, for their example of leadership, commitment, and service to the Library District.