Our atrium art installation, "Network," was inspired in part by the surrounding parks and forests, and Peter Wohlleben's book The Hidden Life of Trees. So we reached out to another network - our local community of artists - to help us assemble this beautiful new exhibit of tree-inspired art.

Download an information sheet with pricing for the artwork. While the library cannot make arrangements for you to purchase art from our Gallery, we encourage visitors to contact the artists directly.

Catherine Chifflot Nealey

Carol Foster

Rebecca Kay

Sandra Lee

Jaynanne Ridder

Vaiju Saraf

Catherine Chifflot Nealey

in art as in love instinct is enough
anatole france

the artist catherine chifflot was born and raised in france she is a graduate of corvisart école d'art graphique paris currently she lives in the countryside north of chicago where she continues her creative journey amidst the beauty of her surroundings

inspired by a lifelong love of nature design and her passion for yoga catherine began drawing as a simple expressive act
each piece of art begins as blank white space she frees her mind and with a black marker lets her hand move giving shape and form to her awareness every design reveals a new story

her artwork reflects the detail and precision inherited from a french grandfather and father who were industrial designers the design's suppleness harmony and spontaneity are the influence of her italian mother together they form the foundation of catherine's art these imaginative and magical designs are the result

Discover more at Catherine's website.

Carol Foster

"I am a professional artist specializing in original oil paintings of nature and pets. My impressionistic style provides clients with unique and personal pieces. Delivering a painting and seeing the joy on my client's face is what fuels my passion to create.

I began my formal training by studying at Main Street Art Center in Lake Zurich, Illinois, continuing with specialty classes, workshops and “plein air events”. I have exhibited at: Art in Nature (Best of Show recipient 2016), Art in the Park, Barrington Arts Festival, Barrington Area Library, Crabtree Nature Center, Ela Public Library, Garlands of Barrington, Old Courthouse Arts Center Gallery and other local establishments. I have also contributed to many silent auctions and fund raisers.

In addition to my website, my artwork is available through my studio, as well as through local exhibits and shows. I welcome commissioned artwork. If you or someone you know are interested in owning an original oil painting, please contact me via email: ArtbyFM@aol.com, via telephone (847) 533-6141, via web site: www.fostermoments.com or on Facebook: Foster Moments, Inc."

Artist Association of Elk Grove
Plein Air Painters of Illinois
Suburban Plein Air Painters
The Friends of NoMonet Artists

Rebecca Kay

"As a Barrington native, my early artistic path was influenced by my artist mother and my childhood clay instructor Jill Funk. I later attended Barrington High School where I participated in all the art classes I could fit in my schedule. I then went on to complete my BFA at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois, where I honed my love of three dimensional design--especially in clay.

My current artistic medium, glass fiber reinforced concrete, was inspired by premier artisan and architect, Fu-Tung Cheng of Berkley, California and owner of Cheng Concrete Exchange. I attended week-long training courses to learn the medium under Mr. Cheng. While critiquing one of my completed projects during an advanced training, Mr. Cheng validated my design abilities referencing the difference between good and bad design and saying, 'Good design has form, function and balance, visually in color and texture. It's well crafted. It feels good! This piece accomplishes good design.'

The intrinsic value of glass fiber reinforced concrete is this: The possibilities are limitless, unexpected and lasting. It is these qualities that have driven me to create these works, combining my love of nature, design and textures to hand craft works that convey good design and provide lasting aesthetic value and create an unexpected and excited response in others."

Contact: Rebecca H. Kay, Inhabit Concrete Design, 847-361-3958, Email: Becky@Inhabitconcretedesign.com, Web: www.inhabitconcretedesign.com, Facebook: Inhabit Concrete Design

Sandra Lee

"I've been painting for 13 years and was a previous student of Lisa Vachta for about 9 of those years. I have taken a few classes from a couple of instructors on watercolor. Since then I've been self-taught.

My goal is to inspire those who look at my work and feel the whispers of their heart speak to them. The majority of my paintings have a spiritual nature for me that make my heart swell when I am finished with my painting. I hope to bring joy, peace, and inspiration to those who view my art."

Contact: Sandra Lee, Email: sandil2@comcast.net, Etsy: Heart Whispers

Jaynanne Ridder

"After retiring from a 45-year career as an Executive Assistant, my daughter, Tracie, asked me to accompany her to the Saturday morning sketch classes at The Art Institute of Chicago. She and I both enjoyed taking the sketch classes from Mark Krisco. I had never drawn anything other than a stick man or woman, however being in those classes and having the wonderful direction of Mark, and his assistants, piqued my interest in continuing to improve my drawing skills. We were surrounded by some of the most beautiful artwork in the world, which was inspiring and impressive.

Since those initial sketch classes, I have taken drawing and acrylic painting classes in a few local art studios including Positive Strokes in Palatine, Harper College in Palatine, Kaleidoscope School of Fine Art in Barrington and currently at Gullick Studio in Crystal Lake. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful instructors who helped me and guided me on my artistic journey. I am always receptive to their valuable instruction and critiques.

I love color, landscapes, sunrises and sunsets, skies, clouds, trees, and am always looking for new and interesting things to paint. My interest in abstract and contemporary painting styles continues to grow. Painting makes me happy. It fills a lot of retirement hours, as other retirees will agree. It forces me to observe nature and people in greater detail. I have learned to appreciate various painting mediums over the years and I understand the amount of time and love that goes into each and every painting. It is fun, rewarding, fulfilling and I highly recommend drawing and painting to anyone. My motto is, 'If I can do it, anyone can do it!'

Over the past six years it has been my privilege to meet many wonderful and talented artists in my classes. I learn from their work, critiques and their love of what they create. How wonderful we all feel when we paint something striking and beautiful. We encourage each other and inspire each other with our own unique and creative ideas.

I hope you will enjoy my art exhibit as much as I have loved creating the artwork."

Contact: Jaynanne Ridder, Email: ridder185b@comcast.net, 1-312-303-0095

Vaiju Saraf

"After 19 years of a corporate career in the tech world, I decided to pursue my passion for art and painting and made the first foray into my art career. What started off as a relaxing break from a hectic work schedule, soon became a great creative endeavor! And so the journey began, in Pune, India...

My paintings generally include landscapes and nature. I have very fond memories of seeing my first fall in Chicago about 20 years ago during a job assignment. I explored the beauty and culture, that the city offered and loved every bit! Seeing 'fall' for the first time was a thrilling experience; those vibrant hues hold a special place in my heart. Come to think of it, isn’t it a true reflection of life where one sees and experiences so many different shades of people? The maple tree is my favorite tree and that’s how I came to name my studio 'The Red Maple.'

Apart from painting, I am an avid traveler and experiencing art from my various sojourns gives me great joy and insight. I love to observe the obviously beautiful and sometimes quirky scenes of the places I travel to. These are my 'Pinterest mood boards' for future use! I travelled extensively during my corporate job, visiting about 20 countries. This gave me a broad, global outlook which I always try to include in my work. I enjoy creating art fusions wherein I combine art from two different regions. My travel has been my inspiration for art…

During my visits to Turkey and Spain, I was mesmerized by mosaic art, especially fascinated by Gaudi’s work, and decided to learn it. It is labor intense and yet ever so satisfying. I love every step of the way, from the concept creation, draw the composition, cutting techniques to establish a rhythm and yes picking the right colors. Since I do both oil painting and mosaic – I have experimented with combining the two art forms into my unique creations.

Years of working in the software industry has trained me to become an efficient program manager with focus on details. I have the people skills to work collaboratively and a sincere work ethic, which will definitely help in managing art projects. It has been quite an interesting circle to be in the city, first as an engineer and now as an artist, mother and wife! I cannot wait to become a part of the art community.

I often wonder if art is my passion or vice versa..."

Contact: Vaiju Saraf, Email: sarafvaiju@gmail.com, 1-224-704-2656, on Facebook at Red Maple by Vaiju: www.facebook.com/redmaplebyvaiju