The Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce created a Facebook page of local businesses that remain open.

Courageous Conversations has an uplifting series of videos from this year’s sessions at Barrington’s White House.

More inspiring local wisdom: watch the TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary videos.

We encourage you to check out which Barrington Area Library resources are available, especially "Together We Read," our quarantine-friendly all-ages reading challenge.

• Many museums and cultural sites are offering virtual tours, including the Smithsonian, the pyramids of Giza, and Yellowstone National Park. Try searching the web for your favorite.

• See Volunteer & Donation Opportunities

Mather Telephone Topics encourages people to call their toll-free number, 888.600.2560, to listen to programs on a wide range of subjects: academic, performances, and wellness. Discussion topics allow for interactive conversations on sports, movies, and other topics.

We update these pages regularly. To suggest a resource, please contact Community Engagement Librarian Sam Adams-Lanham at