Grounds of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia.


Partial transcription, Arnett C. Lines, June 29, 1963; Cathy Trawinski 1999

? Odd cemetery on Batavia Rd. Called "Pioneer Cemetary." 19 Graves left.

Lindsey, M., Died, 3/6/1846.

Benedict, Alfred, Died, 1/19/1851. Age 24. Son of Isaac & Marie.

Miriam, Died, 10/1/1850. Age 76. Wf. of Gen. Thompson Mead.

Mead, Gen. Thompson, Died, 3/3/1851. Age 77. G.A.AR.

Howe, Geo. Hubbard

Howe, Joel, Died, 1843. Age 69.


22nd Des Plaines tundlawn? Ceu?? 521 Chaw? People bd. there. Started by Buffalo Bill W.F.C.

Irv. Pk. Rd. & E. Side of Des River.