Milwaukee Avenue (Route 21), south of Wheeling. Northfield Township, Cook County, Illinois.


Transcription, Arnett C. Lines, October 22, 1962; Cathy Trawinski, 1998
Another transcription, Northbrook Historical Society, (847)498-3404. Partial or complete listings for Aux Plains, Northfield Union, St. Peters, St. Mary at Techny, Sacred Heart, Northfield Oakwood, Russell at Techny, Emmanuel Lutheran (Glenview), St. John Lutheran, and Sunset Memorial cemeteries are also available.

Phillips, Reuel, Died, 2/7/1857. Age 77 yr., 6 mo. Gt. Gr father of A.C. Lines

Phillips, Sarah, his wife. Died. 1/18/1857. Age. 70 yr., 11 mo. Gt. Gr mother of A.C. Lines(parents of Mrs. E.C. McIntosh. "Our Father & Mother"

Clark, Eliza W., Wf. of J.C. Clark. Born, 6/30/1805. Died, 9/2/1861. Age, 56 yr. Sister of Grandma(E.C.) McIntosh. :He married again and moved to Port Clinton, ran a store in R.E. bro?? And ?? bd. With 2nd wife-old HPCe? South side of south drive.

Clark, John, Born, 1839. Died, 1925. Nephew of Carlton Clark and his wife. South side of south drive.

Clark, Susan, his wife. Born, 1848. Died, 1928. South side of south drive.

Kennicott, Ernest E., Born, 1850. Died, 1924. Names on Q granite stone on face of monument(white marble) for R. son of Abelia & Alonzo Kennicott. Allen (Aunt Deal once of Barrington was mother