610 Dundee Avenue, between Hillside and Coolidge Avenues, Barrington. Barrington Township, Cook County, Illinois. It is open for burials. The Barrington Area Library has a grave map with names of those who purchased the lots. Section numbers are approximate and are based on the original plot owners listed on the map.


Vallas, Robert J., Jr.  25-8
Vallatt, Winifred L. and Gerald L.  9-9
Vallery, Fred C. B-17
Van Albrecht, Richard
Van Arsdell, Joyce E., Samuel G., Jr. and Grace E.
Van De Ver, Reva M. and Fred F.16-14
Van Hagen Family  8-8
Van Hagen, Ardietta Ford  8-8
Van Hagen, Elizabeth  8-8
Van Hagen, Ford and Judith L.  8-8
Van Hagen, George E, Jr.  8-8
Van Hagen, Sarah E.  8-8
Van Hagen, George Ely  8-8
Van Hagen, Mary Lewis  8-8
Van Zile, Marion Grace  14-14
VanCuren, Charles Sec B
VanMiddlesworth Family  15-21
VanMiddlesworth, Harry  15-21
Vasels, Robbie Sec BS
Vater, Elly F.  29-68
Veath, Elizabeth P-16
Veath, Frank E. P-16
Veath, George B. P-16
Veath, Mary E.  7-9
Vehe, Edwin D.  17-22
Vehe, Mae L.  17-22
Vennetti, Viola I. and Charles H.  15-22
Vermillion, John B. and Betty J.  10-17
Vermilya, Edgar B-9
Vermilya, Edgar B-9
Vermilya, John P. B-9
Vermilya, Maria B-9
Vickers, Annie Elizabeth Sec 26
Vickers, Stanley J. and Grace M.  27-16
Vincent, Charles R.  6-22
Vincent, John A.  6-22
Viverito, James Sec 26
Vlahos, Victor H. and Kathy V.
Volling, Emilie D. and Albert F.  16-24
Volling, Leroy A.  16-24
Volling, Lucille P. and Harvey P.  16-24
Volling, Walter 20-23
Volling, Walter 20-23
Volling, Wilhelmina Doris 20-23
Volling, Wilhelmina Doris 20-23
Volz, Paul F. and Rose C.  10-23
Von Albrecht, Richard B-46
Von Dahlen, Laura R. and Gerhard  27-22
Von Malmborg, Carl Adolf, Anna Maja, and Amanda Jaderholm  7-39
Vontin, Edith G. and Paul C.
Vontin, Timothy Raymond Sec BS
Voss, Bernard H.
Voss, Eliza A.
Voss, Ercilia Kiler
Voss, Marie F.
Voss, Robert W.
Voss, William H. and Amelia H.  15-21
Wade, Hattie and Alonzo  13-17
Wade, Lucille and Leonard  13-17
Wadsworth, Hazel  18-41
Wagener, Mildred R.
Waggoner, Arthur L. and Cora I. L-11
Waggoner, Pearl L-11
Wagner Family  4-16
Wagner, George M.  4-16
Wagner, John C.  13-13
Wagner, LeRoy  4-16
Wagner, Mary Rae and Mildred R. 26-46
Wagner, Mary S.  4-16
Wagner, Paul C.  13-13
Wagner, Thomas J.  13-13
Wagner, William A.  4-16
Wakelee, Lillie M. Sec B
Walbaum Family
Walbaum Family
Walbaum, Adele S.  3-22
Walbaum, Alice C.  17-9
Walbaum, Charles Robert  3-22
Walbaum, Edward H. and Grace M. 20-27
Walbaum, Edward H. and Grace M. 20-27
Walbaum, Ernestine and Charles  3-22
Walbaum, Fred 20-22
Walbaum, Fred 20-22
Walbaum, Henrich and Augusta
Walbaum, Herbert and Esther  3-22
Walbaum, Irene A. and Hilda M.  7-2
Walbaum, Irene A. and Hilda M.  7-2
Walbaum, Lizzette and Ferdinand  7-2
Walbaum, Lizzette and Ferdinand
Walbaum, Louise Schauble D-12
Walbaum, Louis and Sophie 20-27
Walbaum, Louis and Sophie 20-27
Walbaum, Mernie D. and Clarence H.  17-9
Walbaum, Minnie C. and August H.  17-9
Walbaum, Raymond E.
Walbaum, Theresa E. and Elmer F.  7-22
Walbaum, William and Anna  7-22
Walgren, George G. and Lillie E.  10-5
Walgren, George G., Jr.  10-5
Walker, Charlotte E. and Howard M. Sec F
Wallace Family  8-21
Wallace, David W. and Hazel G. G-17
Wallace, Edward W.  8-21
Wallace, Elizabeth A.  8-21
Wallace, Nathalie H.  4-14
Wallace, Robert M.  4-14
Wallace, Stanley T.  8-21
Wallace, William E.  8-21
Walle, Joseph E.
Walpole, Stewart Hewes and Dorthy Hogan  7-7
Walsh, Geraldine L. B-31
Walsh, James A.
Walsh, Leo B. B-31
Walter, Katherine and Russell C.  27-38
Sangen, Charles  14-23
Wapfield, Maude Glover Sec G
Ward, James F., Jr.
Ward, Julia E. Sec 26
Ward, Nancy
Warfield, Baby  14-1
Warfield, Gladys K.  14-1
Warman, Harold R.  29-68
Washburn, Emory E. and Clarice S.
Washo, Ada S.  10-6
Washo, Harry W. and Lillie M.  10-6
Washo, Mary
Washo, William
Washo, William and Mary  2-16
Waspi, Dorothy L. and Wayne W.  24-6
Waterman Family D-3
Waterman Family
Waterman, Alvira A. D-3
Waterman, Augusta
Waterman, Ethyl Cooper and J. Warren Sec 20
Waterman, George W. D-3
Waterman, George W.
Waterman, Irene H. and Frank L. D-3
Waterman, Irene M. Hawley 3
Waterman, Mildred E. D-3
Waterman, Morris
Waterman, Phebe A. Foster
Waterman, Robert Morris
Waterman, Roy H. D-3
Waterman, Roy H. and Rose G.  3-10
Waterman, Sarah Agusta and Dwight
Waterman, Warren D-3
Waterman, William G.
Waterman, William G. and Phebe A. Foster
Watkins, Jimmy 20-6
Watkins, Jimmy 20-6
Watkins, Joseph H., Mary B. and J. Harvey 20-6
Watkins, Joseph II, Mary B., and J. Harvey 20-6
Watson, Joan Christensen  17-14
Watson, Richard M. and Deborah
Watson, Robert Charles  17-14
Watson, Ruth Lenore  17-14
Watson, Willard M.  17-14
Watt, Alfred R.  27-2
Watt, Anne H.  27-2
Waugen, Phoebe B.
Weaver, Angus E. 26-44
Weaver, Charles J. 26-44
Weaver, George R.
Weaver, Linne L. 26-44
Weaver, Margaret C.
Webbe, William Edward  19-31
Weber, Elmer W.
Weber, John J. and Cecile A. 26-43
Webster, Glenn C. D-46
Webster, Leonard R. and Ann D-46
Webster, Martha C. B-36
Webster, Noah and Elizabeth D-46
Webster, William and Christine B-36
Weed, John Barry, Sr.
Weese, Kathleen M.11-1
Weese, Robert Peter11-1
Wehr, Karl F. and Hanna A. 20-34
Wehr, Karl F. and Hanna A. 20-34
Weichelt, Carl V.A.  4-17
Weigel, Foster L. and Maude A.  4-11
Weinert, Auguste Sec 26
Weirich, Marjorie and William  13-17
Weirich, Robert T.  13-17
Weirich, Susan M.  13-17
Weirich, William J.  29-44
Weirich, William J. and Kathryn M.  29-44
Weiss, Amanda
Weiss, Mildred S. and Harvey G.
Welch Family
Welch, Agnes L.
Welch, Allan Dudley  14-14
Welch, Catherine O. B-27
Welch, Donald E. B-27
Welch, Gladys M. B-27
Welch, John and Elizabeth
Welch, John M. B-27
Welch, Joseph
Welch, Joseph and Margaret B-27
Welch, Madalene S. and Joseph P. B-27
Welch, Margaret  B-27
Welch, Patricia and Tom H.
Welle, Daniel and Anna, 12-25
Wells, Esther and R.D.  13-2
Wells, Frank Lee and Amber Alice  4-11
Wells, Verna Leone  4-12
Welte, Frances H. and William Belsterling  23-4
Wendt, Carl D.  14-16
Wendt, Dorthy and Charles  14-16
Wendt, Esther M. and Frederick G.  18-22
Wendt, Fred and Augusta  13-33
Wendt, Louis O. and Eleanor C.  13-33
Wendt, Mathilda D. and Fred O.  18-22
Wendt, Russel  13-33
Wendt, Rudolph and Mary 13-8
Wenske, Charles  22-5
Wente Family  11-2
Wente, Alta K.  11-2
Wente, Ardis E.  11-2
Wente, Herman H.  11-2
Wente, Orville J.  11-2
Wenthold, Amanda K. Sec BS
Wenzel, John E.  23-7
Wenzel, Virginia Ruth  23-7
Werdebaugh, Arthur Sec BS
Werner, Andrea J. Sec C
Wershay, Catherine and Victor  28-5
Wesolowski, [Todd] Scott, Baby Boy and Baby Girl
Wesolowski, Dean Alan 20-28
Wesolowski, Dean Alan 20-28
Wesolowski, Edward D. and Rose C. 20-28
Wesolowski, Edward D. and Rose C. 20-28
Wesolowski, John and Hannah
Wesolowski, Todd Scott, Baby Boy, and Baby Girl 20-17
Wessel, August
Wessel, August and Caroline C-17
Wessel, Caroline
Wessel, Earnest and Laura C-17
Wessel, Ethyl and Richard  7-15
Wessel, Mary and George C-17
Wessling, John Richard and Jeanne Hall
Wewetzer, Charles and Emma  17-34
Wewetzer, Earl William  17-34
Wewetzer, Leona I. and Harry H.  10-1
Whedon, Ansel M. and Emma B-10
Whedon, Filora B-10
Whedon, Filora B-10
Whedon, Samuel B-10
Whedon, Samuel A. and Adolphus L. B-10
Whedon, Samuel and Filora B-10
Whistle, Barbar Jo Ann Novy  14-14
Whitcomb, George J.  17-28
Whitcomb, Herbert S. and Julia Sec G
Whitcomb, Lawrence S. L-(31)
Whitcomb, Margaret C. L-(31)
Whitcomb, Ruth M. and George H.
White, Clara A.  15-10
White, Claude E. and Mattie N.  16-26
White, Daniel and Cheryl
White, Dorothy Ida 26-37
White, Ella Myrtle and Ida M. B-13
White, Ethel B-13
White, Frank George 26-37
White, Jack
White, John W. and Anna J. Sec F
White, Ralph E.
White, Simeon, Emma and Infant B-13
White, Thomas W. and Elvira B-13
Whitehouse, William E. and Mary Krone; Krone, Fred C.
Whitney Family D-2
Whitney, Cora B. D-2
Whitney, Cora B. D-2
Whitney, Joseph C. D-2
Whitney, Joseph C. D-2
Whitney, Joseph C.
Whitney, Joseph C.
Whitney, Levi D-2
Whitney, Levi
Whitney, Mary J. D-2
Whitney, Mary J.
Whitney, Permelia D-2
Whitney, Permelia
Whittenberg, Allen E. and Bertha A. 26-54
Whittenberg, Margaret O. and Jesse L.  17-6
Whitty, Mary Graylish  14-29
Whynot, Don and Sylvia
Wichman Family
Wichman Family
Wichman, Anna
Wichman, Edmund F. Sr.  17-23
Wichman, George W. and Henry W.
Wichman, Hattie E.
Wichman, Henry J.
Wichman, Jack E. and Evelyn C.
Wick, Otto Paul
Wickwire, Norman Charles  29-25
Wieber, Jeannine R. & Robert A.
Wiedenbeck, Albert L. and Elizabeth B. 26-70
Wiemuth, Edwin J. and Mary H.  7-38
Wiemuth, Julia  9-11
Wienecke, Edna
Wienecke, Laura
Wiest, John B-43
Wiggins, Jesse A. G-43
Wilcox, Corine Marie 26-54
Wild, Charles H.  16-11
Wild, Florence F.  16-11
Wilder, Caryl Casselberry and Erskine Phelps  1-17
Wilder, Timothy Tucker and Jennifer  1-17
Wiley, Russell E. and Helen S.
Wilhoff, Fred J. and Elizabeth M.  11-30
Wilhoff, Fred L. and Katherina  11-30
Wilkes, Harry J. 26-49
Wilkes, Mildred P. 26-49
Wilkins, Albert M. and Mildred E.
Wilkins, Donald M.  28-7
Wilkins, Helen and John G.  11-1
Wilkins, Marie and Adel Varnberg
Wilkins, Raymond Paul
Will, Alice M. B-39
Will, Marie E. and Louis F. 20-12
Will, Marie E. and Louis F. 20-12
Willa, Henry and Dorathea Sec F
Wille, Charles and Emma Wille Eakin Sec B
Williams, Frieda N.  7-32
Williams, H.H.  2-7
Williams, John T.
Williams, Marion B.
Williams, Ronald L. and Bonnie J.
Williksen, Helen and Aage  21-2
Willmering, Roy E. and Myrlie  2-10
Willmering, Roy E. and Myrlie  2-10
Wilmer Family M-8
Wilmer Family  13-25
Wilmer, Catherine
Wilmer, Catherine
Wilmer, David  13-25
Wilmer, Ebenezer L. M-8
Wilmer, Frederick  12-24
Wilmer, Frederick and Catherine
Wilmer, Joseph M-8
Wilmer, Mary   M-8
Wilmer, Mary  13-25
Wilmer, Mary B.  F-37
Wilmer, Viola E.   F-37
Wilmer, W.M.   F-37
Wilson, Florence M.  13-4
Wilson, Lillie
Wilson, Lorena May Lockhart
Wilson, Ronie  1-10
Wilson, Thomas Lockhart
Wincker, Henry C. P-1
Winkler, Walter O. and Ida I. 26-45
Winn, Olive Marie  18-9
Winters, Frank John and Alice Sylvia
Wirsing, Alva R. and Grace L.  8-19
Wirth, Clarence E.  1-14
Wirth, Daniel Edward  1-14
Wirth, Henry and Katharine  1-14
Wirth, John W. and Alice C.  1-14
Wirth, Marjorie M.  1-14
Wischoeffer, Debra J.
Wise, Alice L.  16-25
Wise, Emily and George M.  16-25
Wise, Ernest G.  16-25
Withrow, Daivd Bull L-2
Witsiepe, William Bruce  3-9
Witsiepe, Renault Smith  3-9
Witt, Alice L. F-7
Witt, Emma and Fred  16-12
Witt, Kristin Alane 26-25
Witt, Raymond J.  16-12
Witte, Alvina and Henry C.  F-7
Witte, Bessie M.
Witte, Frances M. and William P.
Witte, Henry Christopher
Witte, Walter C.
Wold, Bab Rutledge
Wold, George Rutledge
Wold, Orin W.
Wolf, Donald L. and Barbara Sec 26
Wolf, Mary J.  7-37
Wolfe, Albert and Amanda  8-28
Wolfe, Clarence M-2
Wolfe, Donald G. and Nancy J.
Wolfe, Fern  8-28
Wolfe, Fred C., Jr. Sec P
Wolfe, Raymond M-2
Wolfe, Robert T. and Marjorie Wolfe Swanson Lageschulte F-23
Wollack, Kimberly J.
Wollack, Kimberly J.
Wollar Joseph  18-12
Wollar, Dorothy  18-12
Wollar, John P-1
Wollney, Frank G.
Wolthausen, Anna L.  19-4
Wolthausen, Calvin George and Jacqueline Maye Conner-Wolthausen  16-10
Wolthausen, Clara M.  19-4
Wolthausen, Georgelyn  7-22
Wolthausen, Henry and Julia  7-24
Wolthausen, John  19-4
Wolthausen, Mary  19-4
Wolthausen, Mildred  7-34
Wolthausen, Thom Warren
Wood, Ruth Dorwaldt  2-9
Woodall, Clifton B. and Lorraine M.  29-66
Woodding, Flora T.  A-28
Woodding, Ida M.  A-28
Wool, Charles  A-41
Wool, Charles and Emma L.  A-41
Wool, Emma L.  A-41
Woolsey, Grace P. and William R.  18-3
Wooten, Margaret A. and Dupree  24-3
Work, June Roberta  1-16
Work, Robert  1-16
Work, Ruth Fern  1-16
Work, Ruth M.  1-16
Worobey, Sarah and John E-52
Woythal, Michael and Margaret E-78
Wright, Burt L., Jr.
Wright, Dorothy V.
Wright, Harold Lee
Wright, Mary E.
Wright, Stephen Lee
Wrobleksi, Sophie Dolores
Wunluck, Brice and Sandra
Wunschl, Lynett M. and Nicholas J.
Yager, Harry H.  13-27
Yaiser, Lena Belle and John Daliey  18-13
Yates, Edward C.  18-2
Yates, Eugene Anthony  18-2
Yates, Gary A. 26-54
Yeh, Shek Shan and Shuk Man
York, Emma J. and Charles W.  14-17
York, Hazel A.  14-17
York, Lawrence T.  14-17
Young, Agnes Sec F
Young, Joseph Sec BS
Youngberg, Rosemary Lutz
Younghusband, Howard A.  24-4
Younghusband, Muriel H.  24-4
Yung, Anna M.
Zapletal, Elmer
Zehr, Robert J. 26-73
Zelsdorf, Albert J.  14-22
Zelsdorf, Anton and Nellie  14-22
Zelsdorf, Bernard J. 14-22
Zelsdorf, Bernard J. and Donna M. 26-21
Zelsdorf, Ethel M.  14-22
Zichal, Katherine 26-54
Ziegler Family
Ziegler, Addie 9-5
Ziegler, Arthur  9-5
Ziegler, Elsie and Norman  1-17
Ziegler, Leonard  9-5
Ziegler, Norman and Elsie  9-5
Ziegler, Rekie  9-5
Ziegler, Simon  9-5
Zierten, Harold J. and Emma L. Walbaum  3-22
Ziessow, Raymond O.
Ziessow, Rudolph and Elfrieda  18-42
Zikos, Paraskevi
Zimmerman, Charles B-20
Zimmerman, Jacob and Theresa B-20
Zimmerman, Olaf  8-20
Zingsheim, Ida E. and Mathew L.  27-26
Zing heim, Mathew P.
Zolondek, Norman J.  1-17
Zolondek, Norman J. and Mary D.  1-17
Zook, Helen I.  22-1
Zook, Roy F.  19-25