610 Dundee Avenue, between Hillside and Coolidge Avenues, Barrington. Barrington Township, Cook County, Illinois. It is open for burials. The Barrington Area Library has a grave map with names of those who purchased the lots. Section numbers are approximate and are based on the original plot owners listed on the map.


Transcription, Library Staff and Volunteers

Haag, Peter F. and Frieda M.  4-12
Haas, LeRoy R., Jr.
Haas, Phyllis W.
Habada, Mae A. and Joseph M.  10-17
Hacerty, Tina Marie  14-15
Hachmeister, Edward G. and Sophia L. Q-4
Hacke, Elizabeth L.
Hacker, Amelia  8-35
Hacker, Susie M.
Hacker, Walter
Hadfield, Isabelle G-46
Haemker, Rose M.  9-4
Haeni, Christian A.
Haffner, James P. and Adelaide M.  17-36 
Hager Family M-9
Hager Family  3-19
Hager, Barbara F. and Olga C. Fritchie  3-11
Hager, Carolina G-30
Hager, Donald R.  3-11
Hager, Emma V. G-30
Hager, Frank Gustav and Sadie Tomena  3-11
Hager, Fred G. and Edna J.  6-21
Hager, Fredrick M-9
Hager, Fredrick
Hager, Fredrick J. M-9
Hager, George J.  3-19
Hager, Gertrude L.  3-19
Hager, Infant Son Sec C
Hager, Irving G. and Irene M.  3-3
Hager, Laverne Francis  3-11
Hager, Lillian Sec C
Hager, Luella S.  3-19
Hager, Minnie  3-19
Hager, Victoria M-9
Hager, William G-30
Haggard, George L.  3-28
Haggenjos, Arthur J. and Madeline  18-42
Hahne, Carl Arvid
Haidu, Deborah D.
Hailand, Ethelyn G. and Arthur G.  21-5
Halac, Peter D. and Lillian F.  7-27
Hall, Arthur W. and Viola L.  2-9
Hall, Clarence W. Sec F
Halliday, Nina E.  28-5
Halpin, John L. and Luana S. 20-25
Halpin, John L. and Luana S. 20-25
Halpin, John R. 20-25
Halpin, John R. 20-25
Hamel, Katherine M.
Hamilton, Kathryn Sec BS
Hamilton, Myrtle O.
Hamm, Dawn Ann
Hamm, Waldo A., Elizabeth L. and Harold A.  17-29
Hammond Family  4-8
Hammond, Margaret D.
Hammond, Marion S.  4-8
Hammond, Nellie A.  4-8
Hammond, Nelson A.  4-8
Hammond, Robert R.  4-8
Hammond, William H.
Hams, Robert and Elizabeth  8-25
Han, Young Sook
Hankinson, Jack H. and Helene F.
Hans, Emma M. and Harold W.
Hans, George L. and Mary B.
Hans, Irene
Hansen, Elizabeth Sec C
Hansen, Henry A. and Charlotte R.  7-19
Hansen, Laura D.  7-19
Hanson, Harry O. and Helga M. 26-63
Hapke, Merrill G., Adele L. and Wayne  19-16
Hardacre, Gilbert K. and Ruth Schwemm
Harders, Erma I. F-5
Hardtke, Caroline  17-39
Hardtke, Charles F.  17-39
Hargis, Jane Scott G-14
Hargis, William G. G-14
Harman, Clifford M. and Anna E.  16-26
Harman, Lillian E. and William G.
Harmon, Dennis Leo  6-3
Harnden, Howard Percy and Edna Aileen  18-34
Harnden, Laura A. Sec M
Harnden, Wilber C. Sec M
Harper, George F.  9-24
Harper, George F. and Ileene G.  9-24
Harring, R. James and Helen J.
Harris, Donald S.  B-48
Harrower Family D-48
Harrower Family B-28
Harrower, Walter, Maria Banta, Walter Jr., Sarah B-28
Harrower Family G-43
Harrower, Alvina Ida  14-11
Harrower, Ella M. D-48
Harrower, Frank W.  14-11
Harrower, John Charles, Harriett M., John Banta G-43
Harrower, John Clark  14-11
Harrower, Laura Rose  14-11
Harrower, Nancy Durant  14-11
Harrower, Oscar C. D-48
Harshbarger, Diane Sec 26
Harstrich, Walter A. and Maude M.  8-3
Hart Family  6-8
Hart, Cora Sherman  6-3
Hart, Eli Sstillson  6-3
Hart, Elsie Ebel  9-16
Hart, Esther K.  6-16
Hart, Gertrude Williams  6-2
Hart, Harold M.  6-16
Hart, Harry Stillson  6-3
Hart, Joseph  9-16
Hart, Katharine Gayland
Hart, Olive Williams  6-2
Hartjen, Gladys B. and Frank F.  7-3
Hartjen, Marion B.  7-3
Hartmann, Iris MacPherson, Frederick Charles and Pamela  25-3
Hartwig, Adwalt and Mary  14-29
Hartwig, Eleanor C. and Melvin C.
Hartwig, Emma M. and Albert E.  14-28
Hartwig, Fred and Pauline  18-38
Hartwig, Fred L., Jr. and Nancy L.  18-38
Hartwig, Hazel and Norman
Hartwig, Lawrence F. and Ellen  1-3
Hartwig, Marshall Buck and Margene O.
Hartwig, Melvin James
Hartwig, Nancy Lee  14-29
Hartwig, Royal James  14-29
Hartwig, Stanley W. and Alice E.  14-29
Hartz Family
Hartz, Christ and Carrie
Hartz, Elmer I., Minnie, Floyd C., Audrey 20-30
Hary, Andy Duke  23-13
Hascup, Roy and Judith Carole  29-62
Haslett Family B-8
Haslett, Hattie L. B-8
Haslett, J.M. B-8
Haslett, Julia C. B-8
Haslett, Mary Elizabeth B-8
Hasse, Helen C. and Isabel D. B-35
Hasse, Henry F. and Minnie A.
Hasting, Charles and Sabra E. F-19
Hasting, Julia B. F-19
Hatcher, Robert W. (Herren)  14-25
Hattan, Gail and Ella L-(29)
Hauri, Oscar H., Kathryn and Vera A.
Hausen, Carl 26-36
Haven Family D-41
Haven, Daniel N. D-41
Haven, Daniel N. D-41
Haven, Lillie H. D-41
Haven, Lydia D-41
Haven, Lydia D-41
Haven, Mate D-41
Haven, Mate M. D-41
Haven, Rachel D-41
Haven, Rachel D-41
Hawks, Shirley-Mae
Hawley Family  2-15
Hawley Family
Hawley Family C-9
Hawley, Austin
Hawley, Austin and Betsy D-6
Hawley, Betsey M. D-6
Hawley, Betsey M.
Hawley, Bruce, Louis and Jean  2-15
Hawley, C.B. C-9
Hawley, C.B. C-9
Hawley, Charles P. C-9
Hawley, Charles P.  7-33
Hawley, Charles P. and Alice G.  7-33
Hawley, Edith A. and Glenn R. 20-4
Hawley, Edward and Almira B-4
Hawley, Ellen M. and Gilbert B-4
Hawley, Emily Lytle B-17
Hawley, Emogene B-4
Hawley, Floyd and Elizabeth 20-33
Hawley, Frank J. B-5
Hawley, Frank J. and Henrietta B-5
Hawley, Franklin W. B-41
Hawley, Frederick E. B-17
Hawley, Gilbert B-4
Hawley, Harriet Goodale B-17
Hawley, Henrietta B-5
Hawley, Hiram W. B-17
Hawley, Hiram W. B-17
Hawley, James H. I-1
Hawley, James H. (1914) B-5
Hawley, Laura A. C-9
Hawley, Lloyd and Elizabeth
Hawley, Marilyn  2-15
Hawley, Minnie I-1
Hawley, Minnie (1946) B-5
Hawley, Nellie D-6
Hawley, Philip and Rocksa B-5
Hawley, Phillip A. B-5
Hawley, Ray C-9
Hawley, Sarah A. C-9
Hawley, Susan M. B-5
Hawley, Verne D. and Lydia H.  7-33
Hawley, William B-17
Hawley, William and Harriet Goodale B-17
Hawley, Woodbridge and Jane M. B-3
Hawley, Zebina D-6
Hay, Eva M.  4-14
Hay, Roger D.  4-14
Hayden, Jeffrey John
Hayden, Timothy F.
Hayes, Elaine Jewel  7-10
Hayes, Robert L.  7-10
Hayes, Warren Clyde  7-10
Hays, Constance Wild  16-11
Hays, Edde K.  16-11
Hazel, Thomas A. 26-19
Hazelrigg, John William 26-50
Hazelrigg, Paul Harold 26-50
Hazelrigg, Shelagh Doreen 26-51
Heeren, Florence and Vernon
Hegerich, Matt L. and Mary Jane 26-46
Hegner, Frank O. and Helen V.  15-21
Hegner, Frank, Sr.  15-21
Heiden, Josephine B. and William G-10
Heidenreich, Elizabeth  14-7
Heidkamp,Timothy Jude  29-33
Heidtmann, Anna L.
Heimerdinger, Charles and Elixabeth D-30
Heims, Lillian L. and William H.  15-11
Hein, James M.  25-10
Heinemann, Herbert H., Rev. and Frances L. 26-73
Heinen, Joseph P.  1-18
Heinen, Joseph P.  1-18
Heinen, Mary Dionne  1-18
Heinrich, George and Louise  7-34
Heinrich, Karl Regan  14-21
Heinrich, Samuel G. and Wolthausen, Mildred  7-34
Heise, Edna Baldwin I-5
Heise, Henry S. I-5
Heise, Mercie Elode I-5
Heise, Peter I-5
Helfenbein, Henry and Martha M.  29-60
Helgeson, Myron D. and Martha S. 26-36
Helsing, Constance M.
Henderson, Alice R. and Rex M.
Henderson, EliF-17
Henderson, Lucinda F-17
Henderson, Mina  8-29
Hengels, Maximino Logan
Hennings Family F-22
Hennings, C.C.
Hennings, C.C. F-32
Hennings, Caroline F-32
Hennings, Caroline
Hennings, Ellen P-10
Hennings, Henry J. P-10
Hennings, John F.H. F-22
Hennings, Mary H. P-10
Henriksen, David Michael
Henriksen, Edward B.
Hercher, Daniel and Catherine
Herren, Samuel Cary and Laura Ann  14-25
Herren, Wilson Teague and Yvonne Haas  14-25
Herrlin, August  6-1
Herrlin, Bernice B. and Albin G.  3-8
Herrlin, Edwin M. and Selma L.
Herrlin, Ida  6-1
Hertrampf, Louise and Frank B-44
Herzog, Hans G. and Dorothy  6-16
Heybeck, Albert R.  10-16
Heybeck, Almira 10-16
Heyse, Louise C.  29-56
Heyse, Robert F.  29-57
Hicks, William H. and Verna N. L-13
Higley Family  11-7
Higley, Cora E.  11-7
Higley, Ellen  11-7
Higley, Levi H.  11-7
Hilborn, Florence C. 20-34
Hilborn, Florence C. 20-34
Hilgers, Sandy May
Hill, Marilyn A.
Hillier, Franklin S.  7-18
Himmelstein, Ingeborg
Hinson, Timothy K.
Hinson, Timothy K.
Hinton, Lewis Foster 26-22
Hira, Gwendolyn Midori Sec BS
Hlad, Judith A. 26-29
Hoag Family Sec D
Hoag, David H. Sec D
Hoag, Lucy Sec D
Hoagland, Jesse E. 26-63
Hobein Family Q-14
Hobein, Alfred W.
Hobein, Arthur Q-14
Hobein, Benjamin H.  14-13
Hobein, Elizabeth
Hobein, Emma L.  14-13
Hobein, Fred and Elzabeth Q-14
Hobein, Floyd A. 14-13
Hobein, Fred
Hobein, Fred W. Q-14
Hobein, Henry  14-13
Hobein, Henry Family  14-13
Hobein, Irene V.  9-12
Hobein, Samuel W.  9-12
Hobein, Verne  9-12
Hobein, William A. and Mathilda  9-12
Hoch, John S.
Hodgkinson, Fran  6-25
Hoerner, S. Marie  17-8
Hoerner, Violet C. and Harry J., Dr.  17-8
Hoffman, Adelaide M. and Charles A.  18-19
Hoffman, Elsie L.
Hoffman, Paul F. and Jane B.
Hoffman, Paul F. and Matilda C.
Hoffman, Robert B. and Jane B.
Hoffmann, Caryl Rae  7-18
Hoffmann, Dorothy M.  7-18
Hoffmann, William B.  7-18
Hoffmann, William F. and Hattie M.  10-14
Hogan Family  7-8
Hogan, Martin  7-8
Hogan, Rose Anne  7-8
Hogarth, Annie and William  16-25
Hogarth, Arthur and Lorraine  16-25
Hogfelt, Hulda and August  22-5
Hoggren, Peter and Donna
Hoglund, Genevieve Collen and Harry Victor  15-6
Holland, Anna and Ammond
Holland, Ida E. and Arthur J. Sec B
Holland, Pearl A. and Harry O.
Hollander, Karen M.
Hollander, Richard L. and Jane J.
Hollenbeck, Joan Werhan and Donald Tarrence
Holmberg, Ernest A. F-59
Holmberg, Kittie E. F-59
Holmes Family D-40
Holmes, Albertine L. D-40
Holmes, Daniel Richard D-40
Holmes, Debra Lee  18-40
Holmes, Fred G. D-40
Holmes, Sue  D-40
Holtzee, Agusta
Holtzee, Andrew
Holtzee, Andrew and Augusta B-40
Holtzee, Bertha B-40
Holtzee, Eleanora  13-5
Holtzee, Evelyn  13-5
Holtzee, Frank and Amanda
Holtzee, Harold F.
Holtzee, Janet and Raymond
Holtzee, Peter and Minnie  13-5

Holtzee, Robert B-40
Holtzee. Charles and Elsie  2-12
Holwerda, Joseph G.  29-42
Homuth, Alan John  17-1
Homuth, Alma  9-18
Homuth, Charles
Homuth, Charles and Rieke P-12
Homuth, Clara P-12
Homuth, Clara S.
Homuth, Edna May G-35
Homuth, Edwin H.
Homuth, Elsie S. and Fred W.  17-4
Homuth, Elvera L. and Alfred L.  17-1
Homuth, Esther P-12
Homuth, Frank  9-18
Homuth, Fred and Minnie G-35
Homuth, Harry L.
Homuth, Helen J.
Homuth, Henry P-12
Homuth, Herbert L.  17-20
Homuth, Herbert L.
Homuth, Herman and Caroline Q-4
Homuth, Herman and Caroline
Homuth, John A. P-12
Homuth, Kenneth  13-16
Homuth, Mary and Otto I.  18-6
Homuth, Norman E. P-12
Homuth, Reuben A. and Clara S.
Homuth, Rieke
Homuth, Samuel and Rose  13-16
Homuth, Susan J.
Homuth, Theron A.  8-24
Homuth, Violet M. P-12
Homuth, Walter B. and Lulu B.  8-24
Homuth, Wellons B.  13-16
Homuth, William F.
Hondo, Berney A. G-5
Hondo, Mary C. G-5
Hoot, Minnie M.  16-8
Hopcroft, Edith Ellen Sec 26
Horlacher, Albert, Frederick, Jr., Albert Frederick and John Albert  21-4
Horlington, William F.A. and Gladys F.
Horman, Lillie B. and William H.  16-24
Hormozi, Nahid Afshar
Horn, Adam
Horn, Charles H.  14-2
Horn, Eliza and Edward L.  13-11
Horn, John E. and Hazel F.  13-11
Horn, Leroy Robert
Horn, Louise  14-2
Horn, Minnie  14-2
Horner, Bertha Hawley B-41
Horner, William F. B-41
Hough, Sadie Krahn D-15
Houghtaling, Alonzo and Albert D-13
Houghtaling, Archibald F-33
Houghtaling, Roxana and Peter F-33
Houle, Natalie Sec BS
Hountras, Thomas P. and Edna F. Sec 26
House, Todd Joseph Sec BS
Howarth Family F-7
Howarth, Abraham F-7
Howarth, Delia F-7
Howarth, Esther F-7
Howarth, Sophia E. F-7
Howarth, William F-7
Howe, Charles A., Ann N. and Charles N.  17-28
Howe, John M., Ethel and John H.  18-39
Huber, Arnae Elizabeth and Shannon Christa
Huber, Tamara Elizabeth  29-76
Hughes, E. Daniel, Rev. 20-23
Hughes, E. Daniel, Rev. 20-23
Hulbert, Molly Sec BS
Hultgren, Elrod H. and Tyra  7-27
Hummel, Lee E. and Helen M.
Humphrey Family F-36
Humphrey, Elizabeth` F-36
Humphrey, William F-36
Humphrey, William F-36
Hundley, Betty Foster
Hundley, Betty Foster
Hungerford, Dorothy D. and Becher W.  25-4
Hunziker, Albert  7-35
Hurd, Mildred Atkinson  3-23
Husband, Letitia I-6
Husband, Mary I-6
Husek, Lawrence L. F-21
Hutchings, Alberta A. and Elza N.  14-21
Hutchings, Marion Jurs
Hutchings, Patricia Y.
Hutchings, Roy L.
Hutchinson, Alonzo D.
Hutchinson, Anna K.
Hutchinson, Chester H.
Hutchinson, Eldora Ann I-2
Hutchinson, Harold A. I-2
Hutchinson, Howard L.
Hutchinson, James W.
Hutchinson, Myrtle Adele Robertson and Charles Lloyd I-2
Huter, Franz J.
Huter, Kathryn
Hutten Family L-12
Hutten, Dorothy V. L-12
Hutten, Vincent W. L-12
Ikoma, Richard T. and Naomi E.
Ingram, Suzanne D. and Dorothy A.
Inwood, Edward C.  24-1
Irick Family
Isom, Elizabeth L-(6)
Iverson, Norris Byron  3-11
Ivins, Donald Abbott  3-23
Ivins, Vera McMahon  3-23
Jackson, Louisa A. D-32
Jacob, Baldwin K.
Jacobi, Edward L. L-14
Jacobi, Elizabeth A. L-14
Jacobi, Newell I. L-14
Jacobs, Clara J.  15-22
Jacobs, Helen R.  2-16
Jacobs, Howard A.  2-16
Jacobs, Lotta F.
Jacobs, William E. and Claire M.
Jacobson Family  8-29
Jacobson, Calverd F. and Ethel L.
Jacobson, Irvin Leroy  2-7
Jacobson, Lena  8-29
Jacobson, Martin C.  18-1
Jacobson, Peter  8-29
Jaeger, Bettejane M.  21-6
Jaeger, Robert W., Jr.  21-6
Jaeger, Robert W., Sr.  21-6
Jaegge, Frieda and William C.
Jahn, Anna L.  3-11
Jahn, Caroline and August
Jahn, Charles A.
Jahn, Emma J.
Jahnholtz, Frank  2-5
Jahnholtz, Fred  2-5
Jahnholtz, Laura  2-5
Jahnholtz, Reuben M.  2-11
Jahnholtz, Ruth  2-5
Jahnholtz, Shirley  2-5
Jahnke, Charles and Minnie  9-20
Jahnke, Charles F. 20-9
Jahnke, Charles F. 20-9
Jahnke, Clarence A.  14-12
Jahnke, John M-3
Jahnke, Laura A. and Fred J.
Jahnke, Lydia M-3
Jahnke, Martha Wendt 20-9
Jahnke, Martha Wendt 20-9
Jahnke, Mary M-3
Jahnke, Ray H. and Charlotte W.
Jahnke, Vera Baur  3-26
Jahnke, William E. M-3
Jahnke, William F. and Anna
Jamicich, Frank  29-61
Jamicich, George  29-61
Janca, Charles M. and Mary A. Sec 26
Jarratt, Pat and Nancy Adams
Jarva, John Paul Sec BS
Jarva, Michael Arthur Sec BS
Jayne Family
Jayne, Arthur A., Jr. F-55
Jayne, Arthur A., Sr. F-55
Jayne, Elnora and Opal F-55
Jayne, Mary  F-55
Jeffers, Joseph W. and Patricia A.  29-61
Jencks, Earl H.  15-9
Jencks, Harriet G.  15-9
Jenkins, Caroline M. McClure
Jenkins, Caroline M. McClure
Jensen, Bertha F.
Jensen, Clyde G.
Jensen, Donald P-4
Jensen, Everett and Aldon G-4
Jensen, Jeannette L. and Charles N.
Jensen, John F. and Frida G. G-4
Jensen, Meta E. and George P.
Jensen, Rasmus P. and Gertrude M. P-4
Jensen, Sigrid and Wolmer   19-1
Jensen, Theodore M. and Esther J. 20-19
Jensen, Theodore M. and Esther J. 20-19
Jeppsen Family E-37
Jeppsen, Carrie M. E-37
Jeppsen, Christian E. E-37
Jeppsen, Robert E-37
Jepsen, Otto  2-7
Jercinovich, Matt
Joadwine, Margaret  A-6
Joadwine, Marion Moroney  A-6
Joadwine, Wallace  A-6
Joadwine, Warren  A-6
Joadwine, Warren G.  A-6
Joehnke, Paula E. and Max F.  28-8
Johansen, Betty R. and E. Dea 26-35
Johansen, Jenny H. and K. Fred 26-35
Johanson, Julia N. and G. Robert
Johansson, Phyllis
Johnholtz Family  2-11
Johnholtz, Frank  2-11
Johnhol z, Friedrich and Frank and Bertha  2-11
Johns, Prudence E.
Johns, Russell V.  17-12
Johnson, Aldred M. and Louise 20-29
Johnson, Alfred M. and Louise 20-29
Johnson, Carl A. and Emma C.  17-11
Johnson, Donald V.
Johnson, Edward Clifford and Catherine Lydia
Johnson, George W. F-12
Johnson, George W. and Maria L. F-12
Johnson, George W. and Ruth E.  14-19
Johnson, James Daniel
Johnson, Lidia M. and Robert A. P-14
Johnson, Lillian R.  1-9
Johnson, Lois J. and George R.
Johnson, Louise  14-29
Johnson, Margaret
Johnson, Myra T.
Johnson, Patricia J.  18-31
Johnson, Raymond F. and Stella 20-29
Johnson, Raymond I. and Stella 20-29
Johnson, Reuben A.  14-19
Johnson, Ruth V.
Johnson, Sophia M.  14-19
Johnson, Theodore H. and Juanita R.
Johnson, Thomas L. and Marion M.  1-12
Johnston, Adeline Vancuren Sec B
Johnston, Anna M. and Charles S.
Jones - Wagner Family
Jones, Alma
Jones, Amanda Marie Sec BS
Jones, Eva D. and Alvin
Jones, F.E. Casey
Jones, George
Jones, George E., Alma and Lucy Jones Towsend F-41
Jones, Gwendlyn Bennett
Jones, Harry L.  4-16
Jones, Lucile  15-4
Jones, Mabel W.  4-16
Jordan, Ina Castle  9-15
Jordan, Rena Mae
Jordan, William R.  9-15
Jorgensen, Frances Lamey
Jorgensen, Harold T., Jr. and June M.
Jozwiak, Bernice and Casimir
Judkins, Jerome E.
Jung, Hans W. F-10
Jung, Klaus F-11
Juraszek, Christine I.
Jurrius, Jeffrey P.
Jurs, Clara A. and Albert H.
Jurs, Edith M. and Arthur G.  14-21
Jurs, June V.  6-24
Jurs, Martin A.  16-7
Jurs, Martin F. and Mamie  6-24
Justinen, Helen and Henry  27-4