610 Dundee Avenue, between Hillside and Coolidge Avenues, Barrington. Barrington Township, Cook County, Illinois. It is open for burials. The Barrington Area Library has a grave map with names of those who purchased the lots. Section numbers are approximate and are based on the original plot owners listed on the map.


Transcription, Library Staff and Volunteers

Abbott Family Sect D
Abbott, Bela H.
Abbott, Bela H. and Lillie E. F-9
Abbott, Charles Sect D
Abbott, Deloss W. and Sophia Sect D
Abbott, Henry T. Sect D
Abbott, Henry T. Sect D
Abbott, Joshua
Abbott, Joshua, Eunice and Henry T. Sect D
Abbott, Lillie E.
Abbs, Charlotte Emily M-7
Abbs, Eli M-7
Abbs, Eli and Maria S. M-7
Abbs, Grace A. M-7
Abbs, Susan M-7
Abel, Charles Sec C
Abel, Edward B. E-34
Abel, Wanda G. E-34
Adams, Alice A. Sect D
Adams, Caroline and Jesse W.  7-7
Adams, John W.  7-5
Adams, John W. and Frances R.  7-6
Adams, Mabel Sylvestri, Fred D. and John W.  7-5
Adams, Manley G. D-21
Adams, Myrtle Wolthausen and Edward G.  16-10
Adams, Otto and Harriet E.  8-20
Agrimonti, Rosa
Ahmer, Edward J. H-6
Ahrbeck, Harriet Atkins and William Steele  22-1
Ahrens, Carl H. and Ethel  8-32
Aherns, Donald J., Walter H., and Hazel E.  4-18
Ahrens, Herman H. and Anna M.  8-32
Alberding, Charles and Mary   I-9
Albrecht, Gertrude L. F-36
Albrecht, Hugo F. F-36
Aldis, E. Jeannette
Aldrich, Thomas B. and Vivian S.
Alevras, Anthony P. and Marilyn T.
Alexander Family I-8
Alexander, Alson I-8
Alexander, Edmund B. L-(25)
Alexander, Eldora I-8
Alexander, Etta
Alexander, Johnathan & Dora Britain I-8
Alexander, Madeline D. L-(25)
Alexelis, Vasilios 29-22
Allen Family B-19
Allen, Allie B-19
Allen, Alma 20-1
Allen, Benjamin P. B-19
Allen, Eleanor C. B-19
Allen, Emma B. B-19
Allen, Francis M. B-19
Allen, George Walter 20-1
Allen, Irene M. B-19
Allen, James H. B-19
Allen, Robin P. B-19
Allen, Stanley E. B-19
Allensby, Frances Sect B
Allensby, Frances A. B-7
Allensby, John Sect B
Allmann, Gerald K. Sect BS
Altenburg, August L. and Helen H.
Altenburg, Charles M.   1-15
Altenburg, Dave  2-4
Altenburg, Ruth S.  2-4
Altenburg, Willis R. Sr.  2-4
Amato, Donald L. and Edna M. 28-29
Ambrose, Kristen Lynn Sect BS
Amedeo, Susan Lawson
Amos, William M. and Helen C. 26-36
Amundsen, Hans  2-13
Anderberg Family  18-26
Anderberg, Anton  18-26
Anderberg, Betty Lou  18-26
Anderberg, Kenneth  18-26
Anderberg, Louise  18-26
Andersen, Ethel M. and Volmer
Andersen, Louisa and Wiggo Sect G
Anderson Family Sect G
Anderson, Anna Sect 20
Anderson, Anna Sect 20
Anderson, Anna  16-3
Anderson, Anna Lee and Carl O.
Anderson, Axel and Jennie R. 26-55
Anderson, Axel and Minnie Sect Q
Anderson, C. Oscar and Amanda 17-16
Anderson, Earnest and Amy  17-16
Anderson, Edwin G. and Violet B.  16-14
Anderson, George C.
Anderson, Harold H., Rev. Sect Q
Anderson, Jean Rose 26-41
Anderson, John Harald
Anderson, Ralph David
Anderson, Rose H. 26-61
Anderson, Ruth E. and Ragnar T.
Anderson, W. Andy and Darlene 18-27
Andresen, Elberta and Raymond H.
Andresen, Hilmar A. and Ragna  1-4
Andrews, Charles E.  18-40
Anest, Bill, Jr. 29-43
Ankele, Augusta and Ernst G. 19-9
Ankele, Edward W., Jr.
Ankele, Harold John
Ankele, Lillian D. and Edward W.
Ankele, Olga B. and William E. 19-14
Ankele, Robert A.  19-9
Ankele, Warren R.
Apelt, Carl P.  15-10
Apelt, Lenore G.  15-10
Applebee Family D-21
Applebee, Betsy Crabtree D-21
Applebee, Betsy Crabtree D-21
Applebee, Charlie D-21
Applebee, Gilbert A. D-21
Applebee, Gilbert A. D-21
Applebee, J. Levi D-21
Applebee, John C. D-21
Applebee, John C. D-21
Applebee, John C., Sarah J. and Nellie M. D-21
Applebee, Nellie M. D-21
Applebee, Sarah J. D-21
Arbuthnot, Malcolm A. and Dorothy E.
Areen, Richard S.
Armer, Sara Sect F
Armstrong Family  1-11
Armstrong, Florence Wilson  1-11
Armstrong, John Harrison  1-11
Armstrong, John Oswald  1-11
Armstrong, Roger Wilson  1-11
Armstrong, William T. Jr. 1-2
Armstrong, William T. III  1-2
Arn, George W. and Sophia H. 20-20
Arnesen, Jack E. 29-43
Arnesen, Jack E. and Nancy C.
Arnold family  2-1
Arnold, Beulah Margurite Otis and Rev. John F. Arnold
Arnold, Harry R. and Alice G. 28-5
Arnow, Robert E.  8-39
Arsenau, Muriel Rose  17-39
Arthofer, Arthur Tobias  1-12
Arthofer, Maria  1-12
Askew Sect F
Atella, Henry J.
Augenstein Family  8-26
Augenstein, Carrie A.  8-26
Augenstein, Herbert F.    8-26
Augenstein, Lillian E.  8-26
Austin, Charles H. B-2
Austin, Charles H. and Elsie B-2
Austin, Luella H. B-2
Babb, Ernest Roy II  10-23
Babb, John H. and Maybelle  17-28
Babbs, Clifford E. and Phyllis R.
Baber Family
Baber, James J.
Back, Anna  18-29
Back, Christian J.  18-29
Back, Henry H.  18-29
Back, Rothwell C.  18-29
Badovinac, Peter Arthur, Max James and Jacqueline Kileen Sect BS
Baeriswyl, Cecelia  23-5
Baeriswyl, Max  23-5
Bailey Family
Bailey, David J. and Jo Ann R.
Bailey, Donald and Darlene
Bailey, Dorothy
Bailey, Edward
Bailey, Ella
Bailey, James E.
Bailey, James R.
Bailey, Oma L.
Bailey, Shirley C. and Robert
Bair, Ruby
Baker, Edward H. and Ruth E. 29-61
Bakija, Brigitte
Balazs, Gordon and Georgiana
Balazs-Ashley, Laura
Baldwin, Krista A.
Balgeman, Deborah R.
Balke, Joseph F.
Ballard, F.E.
Ballard, Jessie
Bandy, Robert W.
Banks, Margaret J.R. and Frank V. E-19
Bard, Ralph Austin, Jr.
Bardleigh, Derek J.
Bardleigh, Irma W.
Barnett Family D-17
Barnett, George D-17
Barnett, George
Barnett, John
Barnett, Martha
Barnett, Maude Gertrude and Blanch Ruth D-17
Barnett, William D-17
Barrett, James W. and Georgann K.  3-15
Barth, J.L. D-43
Bartholomae, Anna L. F-38
Bartholomae, Carl H. F-38
Bartholomae, Elsie T. F-38
Bartholomae, Theodore C. F-38
Bartling, Loren E. & Antonia
Bataille, Michelle Anne 26-74
Bataille, Michelle Anne 26-74
Bataille, Peter Andre 26-74
Bataille, Peter Andre 26-74
Batel, Carrie  2-2
Batel, William  2-2
Bateman, Alta Aspinwall  15-5
Bateman, Charlotte Hughes  15-5
Bateman, Floyd Donald  15-5
Bateman, Floyd Lawrence  15-5
Bateman, Lawrence Ford  15-5
Bates, Kerstin Viola Sofia & Thomas John
Battin, Robert Davis and Harriot D-35
Bauer, Albert J. F-46
Bauer, Catharine
Bauer, Engelbert F-3
Bauer, Eric E. F-46
Bauer, Frank H.  2-5
Bauer, George R.
Bauer, John G-22
Bauer, John H.
Bauer, M. Phyllis
Bauer, Margaret G-22
Bauer, Marion R.
Bauer, Michael George and Marcia Ann Martin
Bauer, Walter H.
Bauman, Amalia M. and Frank E. D-16
Bauman, Amalia M. and Frank E.  18-11
Bauman, Elizabeth Magee  4-10
Bauman, Elmer A.  4-10
Bauman, Elmer  15-4
Bauman, Frances C. and Raymond H.  18-11 
Bauman, George F. and Martha R. 20-19
Bauman, George F. and Martha R. 20-19
Bauman, George L. and Emma L.  15-4
Bauman, Leila  15-4
Bauman, Lydia R. and Leslie L.  15-4
Bauman, Webster  15-4
Baumann Family D-16
Baumann, Adelheidt
Baumann, Anna L. D-16
Baumann, Armin O.J. II 20-32
Baumann, Armin O.J. II 20-32
Baumann, Carrie E. D-16
Baumann, Edward G. D-16
Baumann, Florence D-16
Baumann, Florence E. D-16
Baumann, Frederick W. D-16
Baumann, Frederick W. and Edward G. D-16
Baumann, Harold E. and Jennie J.  18-35
Baumann, Harold E. and Jennie J.
Baumann, Lambert
Baumann, Lambert and Adelheidt D-16
Baumann, Walter H. and Anna F.  18-35
Baur, Edward and Elizabeth  3-26
Baus, Gilbert A. 29-68
Bean, S. Keith
Beard, Mattie Amelia Rose
Beattie, Minnie E. 26-49
Beattie, William R. and Marjorie C. 26-50
Beck, Keely Sue Sect BS
Becker, Clara L. and Ray R.  17-15
Becker, Florence and August  17-15
Becker, Florence Irene
Becker, Frank C. F-56
Becker, John C.
Becker, Lottie F-56
Beckhart, Carleton A., Florence R. and Robert A.  11-30
Beckman, William
Beckwith, Maud J. C-7
Beckwith, William W. C-7
Bederske, Albert J. and Dorothy I. E-82
Beebe, James S., Kaitlyn C. and Tammy L. 
Beebe, James S., Kaitlyn C. and Tammy L. 
Beebe, Marilyn Jean  14-27
Behrens, Carol L.
Behrens, Theodore Allen
Behrens, William F. and Hazel L.  19-30
Beinhoff, Dorothy M. and Frederick H.  28-10
Beinhoff, Martha Sect F
Beinlich, Adeline E-19
Beirau, Paul B. and Joan R.
Beligratis Family
Beligratis, Demosthenes Stylianou
Beligratis, Stavroula Karkazi
Bell Family  3-12
Bell, Annie L.  3-12
Bell, Ardith L.
Bell, Bruce D.
Bell, Edgar Donald
Bell, James C.  3-12
Bell, Jean Saunders  6-20
Bell, John L. Sr.  3-12
Bell, Lincoln S.  3-12
Bell, Louise and Alex  15-3
Bell, Robert M. and Elizabeth G.
Bell, Robert M. and Elizabeth G.
Bell, Ruth S.  3-12
Bell, William Hume  6-20
Bellamy, Wilber and Marlene E. and Marilyn Zimmerman
Belmonte, Eugene C.
Belmonte, Joan E.
Belucci, Elsie  22-8
Benedict Family  9-17
Benedict, Hannah M.  9-17
Benedict, Wallis W.  9-17
Bengsten, Martin 16-4
Bennett, Alta M.
Bennett, Donald W.
Bennett, M.E. and Ethie
Bennett, Nathanael Jeffrey Sect BS
Bennett, Robert
Bennett, Robert I. and Joy L.
Benson, Anton F. and Hazel A. 20-18
Benson, Anton F. and Hazel A. 20-18
Benson, Carl R.
Bentle, Mildred M.  14-3
Bentley, Frank Elmer  28-37
Bentley, Richard Joseph  28-37
Bentley, Thema J. and Frances T. Arnold  28-37
Berentson, Benjamin and Katharine  19-36
Berg, Charles E., Sr. and Helen Mae  3-20
Bergbom, Stanley G. and Evelyn R.
Berger, Ida and Paul  14-7
Berghorn, Elaine E.  14-15
Berghorn, Fred J. and Mary L.  14-15
Berghorn, Harry H. and Irma W.
Berghorn, Hobart C. and Dorothy S. and Webster A. and Jean S. Brodhay
Berghorn, Nellie M.  14-15
Berghorn, Ruth and Wilbur J.  14-15
Berghorn, Willard J.  14-15
Bergmann, Dorothy H. D-11
Berlin Family  13-10
Berlin, Betty Ann  13-10
Berlin, Eleanora C.  13-10
Berlin, Esther L.  13-10
Berlin, Henry H.  13-10
Berlin, Louisa A.13-10
Berlin, Lydia  13-10
Berlin, Minnie  13-10
Bettin - Roush Family  3-21
Bettin, Grace  3-21
Bettin, Gus  3-21
Bettin, Minnie  3-21
Beuscher, Rose Brand and Philip H., Rev.  18-18
Beusching, Fred
Beverly, Cassius E. H-3
Beverly, Cassius E.  H-3
Beverly, Mary L.    H-3
Bialek, Thaddeus R. and Adelline L.
Bichler, Gustav F. and Edith H.
Bielke, Albert H. and Corinne H.  21-7
Biene, Mary O. D-23
Bierbaum, Helen Lee and Robert H. 29-28
Bierkness, Edmund I. and Esther H.
Bierman, Farrield Bills Flynn 20-20
Bierman, Farrield Bills Flynn 20-20
Biermann Family
Biermann, Elizabeth
Biermann, Frank B. and Minnie M.
Biermann, Frank B. and Minnie M.
Biermann, George E. and Dorothy E.
Biermann, George H.
Biermann, George H. and Esther
Biermann, Herman L.
Biermann, Juanita A.
Biermann, Mildred M. Frees
Biermann, William H. and Martha M.  8-2
Biesterfeld, Melvin H. and Olga  1-9
Bills, Bernice C.  7-30
Bills, Eldon H.  7-30
Bills, Ernest and Mary 20-22
Bills, Ernest and Mary 20-22
Bills, Ernest Edwin   18-12
Bills, Rolland K. 20-23
Bills, Rolland K. 20-23
Biolchin, Marilyn
Birkholz, Ralph and Elizabeth  11-16
Bishop, Helen MacArthur  1-5
Bjornberg, Esther Marie
Bjornborg, Amelia Olga and Andrew George  27-7
Black, Gaylord J. and Kathern M.  10-22
Black, Lyle  10-22
Blakeslee, Constance Diane 26-60
Blakeslee, Harry N., Jr. 26-60
Blakeslee, Harry N., Jr. and Marian A. 26-60
Blakesley, Ellen M. Sect B
Blanchard, Elizabeth C.
Blanke, Clara  19-17
Blanke, John H.D. and Frances E.  19-17
Blaser, Mark John
Blecha, John F. & Josephine M.
Blecha, John F., Jr.
Blickle, Thomas S., Dorothy E. and Thomas L.  27-14
Block, Clarence F. and Elynor M.  10-14
Blue, Aaron J.
Blue, Grace A.
Blum Family  8-31
Blum, D.C.  8-31
Blum, E.F.  8-31
Blum, H.E.  8-31
Blum, Olga  8-31
Boand, Barbara Shepherd  25-2
Boand, Catherine Bard  25-2
Boand, Charles Wilbur  25-2
Boberg, Marilyn A. and Harold G.
Boehmer, Arthur H. (Purchase Agreement)
Boehmer, August H. and Sophia H.
Boehmer, Caroline
Boehmer, Edna S.
Boehmer, Emma
Boehmer, Franklin W.
Boehmer, Helen Gertrude
Boehmer, Henry
Boehmer, Herman
Boehmer, Louise
Boehmer, Raymond
Boehmer, Spencer U.
Boehmer, Stevens J. and Ruth M.
Boehmer, William
Bohlin, G. Kenneth and Joyce C.
Bol, David Neil Sect BS
Bolin, Roy T. and Ruth I.  7-25
Bollenbach, Elizabeth Curriden  17-28
Bollenbach, Peter Frederick  17-28
Bonebrake, Glen W. and Agnes M. 
Bonebrake, Judy A.
Bonebrake, Letha L-(18)
Bonebrake, Noah L-(18)
Borah, Alfred J. 29-54
Bornquist, George Wyman  27-6
Bote, William H. D-11
Bouse, Loretto H.
Bowden, William D. 29-44
Bowen, Adam C.
Bowen, Hattie C. and Herbert A.  7-4
Bowen, John W. and Elizabeth W.
Bowen, Margaret Mary 26-52
Bowen, Sarah E. D-44
Bowen, William David 26-52
Bowers, Margaret F-13
Boxberger, Adam E. F-13
Boxberger, Augusta F-13
Boxberger, Harry F-13
Boxberger, Michael F-13
Boyd, Gertrude and Charles C.  17-3

Boyd, Guy L. and Edna L. 26-36
Boyer, William and Catherine Elinor  8-13
Boys, Richard Sect F
Bradley, Leo A. and Judith L. 26-22
Bradley, Marvin P. and Dorothy M. 20-26
Bradley, Marvin P. and Dorothy M. 20-26
Brady, Charlotte Ann
Bramer, Nellie M.  7-8
Brandenburg, Tanny M. and John N.
Branding, Maxine L. and Harry F.  25-3
Brandt Family  16-19
Brandt Family
Brandt Family
Brandt, Bertie Sect D
Brandt, Blanche C. and James F.  16-20
Brandt, Charles  19-2
Brandt, E. Viola  16-19
Brandt, Edward
Brandt, Edward F.
Brandt, Enoch and Katherine
Brandt, Erwin G. Sect D
Brandt, Evelun Poutre
Brandt, Fred
Brandt, Henry A. Sect D
Brandt, Henry and Mary
Brandt, Liddian Sect D
Brandt, Maria
Brandt, Opal K. and Norman E.  14-30
Brandt, Paul W.
Brandt, Raymond E.  16-19
Brandt, Richard F. Sect D
Brandt, Robert B. and Lillian M. Sect D
Brandt, Sarah L.
Brandvik, James A. and June M.
Brasel Family P-11
Brasel, Belle P-11
Brasel, Donald C.  18-19
Brasel, Dorothea J. P-11
Brasel, Ellen P-11
Brasel, Fred J. P-11
Brasel, Harry P-11
Brasel, Henry P-11
Brasel, John C. P-11
Brasel, Leora Daisy P-11
Brasel, Lyle P-11
Brasel, Marie P-11
Brasel, Robert P-11
Brasel, Sharon P-11
Brasuell, Mary Ann Welch B-27
Breidinger, Kirk Vaughn
Breisch, Mable F. and Dewy J. A-28
Breslin, Catherine M. and Cormick L.
Breuer, Roxie Ann
Brewer, Esther M. and Russell C.  7-13
Brewton, Maurice L.
Brex, Everett A. and Trudy B.
Briggs, Arthur E. and Katherine  3-25
Brink, Jacob H.  27-3
Brinker, Henry, Mary and Luella D-34
Brinker, Leo D-34
Brintlinger, Alvina 20-35
Brintlinger, Alvina 20-35
Brintlinger, Alvina 20-35
Brintlinger, Charles 20-35
Brintlinger, Charles 20-35
Brintlinger, Charles 20-35
Brintlinger, Howard R. 20-35
Brintlinger, Howard R. 20-35
Brintlinger, Rose W. 20-35
Brintlinger, Rose W. 20-35
Brockway Family
Brockway, Emma F.  15-15
Brockway, Henry K.  15-15
Brockway, Leona  15-15
Brockway, Martin A. F-52
Brockway, Robie G. F-52
Brockway, Russell  15-15
Brockway, Sarah D. F-52
Brodhay, Ronald Allen 26-54
Broemmelkamp, Anton Sec C
Brommelkamp, Elizabeth and Leo  7-6
Brommelkamp, Henry
Brommelkamp, John
Brommelkamp, Minnie
Brommelkamp, Raymond
Brooks, Margaret and Ray A.
Brossard, Robert W. and Jeanne A.
Brown, Caroline C. E-67
Brown, Clara T., Frank R. and Amanda L.  8-15
Brown, Edith A.
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Elizabeth M. 20-31
Brown, Elizabeth M. 20-31
Brown, Emeline Hawley O-2
Brown, Etta Clone
Brown, Frances H.  7-6
Brown, Joseph P. O-2
Brown, Laura May  13-4
Brown, Lloyd W. 20-31
Brown, Lloyd W. 20-31
Brown, Lucinda L. Sect B
Brown, Luman  2-7
Brown, Norton D. and Sadie A.
Brown, William A.
Bruhl, Ronald D. and Jane Horn  13-11
Bruins, Hubert Williams  27-15
Bruno, Anthony J., Jr.  28-8
Bryan, Kevin M.
Buck, F.J., Mrs. D-27
Buckingham, Arthur E.
Buckingham, Marguerite T. and Katherine Tague
Buckley Charles W.
Buckley, Nannie
Buckman, Matilda N., Elmer C., Bertha M. and Gustav A.   18-24
Buehler, Mary L-(5)
Buehler, Rance V. Sect 26
Buell, Charles C.
Buell, Elizabeth B.
Buell, John J. and Lillian M. L-16
Buesching, Martha  19-3
Buesching, Martha and Fred W.  19-3
Buetow, Richard C.
Buhr, Lorraine Skoglund
Bunker, Sarah McClure
Bunker, Sarah McClure
Buras, Timothy D., Ann C. and John N.
Burch, Mildred Foy
Burchell, Stanley C., Sr. and Lewana  29-80
Burda, Phyllis N.  H-2
Burdloff, Florian and Nora G-18
Burke, Edmund J.  16-21
Burke, Edmund W.  15-23
Burkhardt, William F. and Rosina  14-33
Burley, Jennifer Ann  11-6
Burlingame, Urial B-23
Burlingham, Eunice and William U. Logo B-23
Burlingham, Fred W. B-23
Burlingham, Urial and Lois B-23
Burns, Edward John and Edith Vi ctoria
Burra-Short, Olivia Alexandra Sect BS
Buschek, Reva E. and Joseph  18-7
Bute Family D-19
Bute, Emma C. D-19
Bute, Lewis H. D-19
Bute, Lewis H. D-19
Bute, Lewis H. D-19
Bute, Polly C. D-19
Bute, Polly C. D-19
Buthman, Henry L., Rev. and Genevieve
Butler, George O. and Carrie  4-1
Butz, Ronald R. and Carol J.
Bynum, Maribelle