One mile north of Spring Lake, on the southwest corner of Meadow Hill and Spring Creek Roads, Barrington Hills. Algonquin Township, McHenry County, Illinois. Private property, closed for burials; maintained by owner.


Transcription, Michelle Safirstein and Barrington Area Library staff, May, 2003

Grateful thanks to Mr. Bill Gotfryd for permission to photograph this cemetery and to Bonnie Duresa for the use of her cemetery reading, upon which the following is based.

Carman, Mary (1848)
Carman, Mary Ann (1855)
Carr, Ellen
Drake, Hannah
Drake, Otis
Ebel, Mary
Freland, Martha
Gibbs, Willie J.
Goodrich, Albert F.
Goodrich, Dolly J.
Goodrich, Ira C.
Goodrich, Spencer L.
Haeger, David
Haeger, Maria
Haeger, Rudolf
Huntley, Charles W.
Huntley, David
Huntley, Elma M.
Huntley, Emery N.
Huntley, Martha E.
Huntley, S. Albert
Huntley, Stephen M.
Johnson, Fredie
Jones, Rebecca
Jones, William
Klinck, Abigail
Klinck, Mary
Klinck, Ruth B.
Lutes, James
Lutes, Mary
Lutes, Ruth
Lutes, William
More, Phebe
Olison, Elfa E.
Ott, George F.
Seebert, Charlotte
Shields, Sanford E.
Smith, Isaac
Smith, Phoebe
Spaulding, Sophia
Sweeney, George O.W.
Welch, William
Williams, Jonathan
Williams, Mary Maria
Wright, Nancy