West side of Ela Road, 1/4 mile south of Dundee Road (Route 68), Inverness. Palatine Township, Cook County, Illinois. Maintained by Palatine Township. The gate is locked. Call Palatine Township, (847)358-6700, for entry.


Transcription, Arnett C. Lines, 1931. Transcribed by Cathy Trawinski, 1998.

Brother to Hy. T. [who was] in Civil War
Died 1855; Aged 32 years

Abbott, Thursday Ann, wife of B. Abbott, daughter of Ezekiel Cady
Died 1854

Bellows, Warren L.
Died 1854; Aged 32 years

Boothman, George

Boothman, Hannah

Boyce, John
Died 6/7/1864; Aged 66 years

Boyce, Margaret, wife of J. Boyce
Died 3/18/1886; Aged 69 years

Boyce, Robert
Died 9/11/1883; Aged 27 years

Bryan, Nancy B.

Burrill, Rick

Cady, Ezekiel, pioneer, owned farms
Died 1873; Aged 82 years

Cady, Wilbert, 1st person buried in the cemetery, stone is gone
Died 12/17/1841

Carley, H.

Castle, Fred, son of L.D. Castle

Castle, Ina, daughter of L.D. Castle

Castle, Phineas, brother of L.D. Castle

Clay, William
Died 1855; Aged 64 years

Collen, Charlotte, wife of Joe Collen, 1st husband was William Freeman
Died 7/8/1882; Aged 56 years

Dahl, Fredrick

Edgerton, Isaac
Died 7/8/1848; Aged 81 years

Edgerton, Lebina

Edgerton, Lord

Elvidge, Cynthia

Elvidge, Grant

Elvidge, James

Elvidge, John, lawyer on S. Hough
Died 8/29/1850; Aged 39 years

Elvidge, Lawson F.

Elvidge, Martha, wife of L.F.E.

Elvidge, Nellie

Fosket, John, of the pioneer Fosket family on Baldwin Rd.
Died 2/15/1842; Aged 56 years

Fraas, Kate, wife of S.C. Jayne

Freeman, Chas.
Died 1869

Freeman, Eliza

Freeman, Ester Ann, dau. Of C & E

Freeman, James

Freeman, Mary, daughter of W & E; she was a twin

Freeman, Sam, father of Wm. Freeman
Died 12/16/1848; Aged 64 years

Freeman, William F., probably father of Sarah Page


Geary, John, father of Mrs. Jim Kitson

Geary, Julia, mother of Mrs. Jim Kitson

Geary, Theodore G., son of J.A. and J.A., brot. Mrs. Kitson
Died 10/21/1862; Aged 17 years, 7 months

Hall, John A., son of G and E
Died 8/3/1843

Hunewell, Martha, dau. of S and M
Died 9/4/1855; Aged 10 years

Hunewell, Samuel B., was a shoemaker. Lived in fork of Cabble(?) Rd. & Rd. His widor was Edgerton
Died 1/16/1853; Aged 53 years

Lord, Martha
Died 1856; Aged 78 years

Mix, Eliza

Mix, Harriet

Mix, Ira

Mix, Lurenda

Mix, Milton

Moorehouse, Charlotte, 2nd wife of Jos. Moorehouse, mother of Sarah Dearborn(?), grandmother of Sarah A. Otis

Moorehouse, H.M.(?), son of Jos. And C.
Died 7/8/1864; Aged 39 years

Moorehouse, Jos., father of Sarah Dearborn(?), grandfather of Sarah A. Otis
Died 2/1/1877; Aged 86 years

Page, Ann

Page, Betsy

Page, George

Page, Geo. W.

Page, Lilly May

Page, Thos., all part of John Page family of Barrington

Shufeldt, Amelia, daughter of H & M, daughter of Harmon Shufeldt and sister to Emma Eilers
Died 3/10/1866; Aged 14 years

Sutherland, Plinn, son of Sidney & Julia H., Frances Marion dau. of

Swick, Flavius

Swick, H.L.

Swick, Harrison R.

Swick, Sarah E.

Swick, Thomas

Swick, Thos., a son

Swick, Tunis M.

Valkenberg, Ann, wife of Wm.
Died 1858; Aged 85 years

Vanderbogart, Caroline Swick, wife of P. Vanderbogart

Vanderbogart, Peter
Died 5/18/1888; Aged 69 years (3/13)

Wilson, Charles

Wilson, Hannah, wife of J. Wilson
Died 9/20/1861; Aged 60 years, 6 months

Some of the graves of the first ones buried in this C. Cem. were lost track of because stones fell over and got covered (as told me by Sarah Page) and that she alone knows where these were buried. Observation is that these were near the entrance in No.E. corner. Wilbert Cady was first one buried there. D. 12/17/1841. Stone is gone. -Arnett C. Lines