Northeast corner of Sutton Road and Route 68, Barrington Hills. Barrington Township, Cook County, Illinois. Maintained by Barrington Township. The gate is locked. Entry may be obtained by calling the Barrington Township office, (847)381-5632. This cemetery is closed for burials.



Transcribed by Michelle Safirstein and Barrington Area Library staff, May, 2004.


Allen, John C.
Allen, Lydia M.
Allen, Sarah L.
Benton, Arthur E.
Benton, Sarah L.
Benton, William R.
Bishop, Charity
Bishop, Charity M.
Bishop, David, Jr.
Bishop, Jane P.
Bogardus, Deborah
Bogardus, Mary E.
Bogardus, Robert B.
Boothman, Richard
Boothman, Richard
Bowen, D. Shaw
Bowen, Mattie
Brown, Daniel W.
Brown, Grace E.
Brown, Janet Alice
Bullock, Catharine
Bute, Elizabeth
Church, Charles J.
Church, Charles, Sr.
Church, Eliza
Church Family
Church, Horace W., Amos and Morris W.
Church, Horace W.
Church Family
Church, Miles K.
Church, Morris W.
Church, Nellie W.
Church, Sarah L.
Cilley Family
Cilley, Emily
Cowden, Abel, Adaline, and Mary
Cowden Family
Davis, Arthur
Devol, Alfonzo E.J. and Edward R.
Devol, Gilbert H. and Harriet E.
DeVol Family
DeVol, William and Ann
DeVol, Waterman V.
DeVol, William G.
Domoney, Archie J.
Domoney, Chloe M. and James
Dorwaldt, Carl and Caroline
Dorwaldt, Edna
Dorwaldt, Frieda E.
Dorwaldt, Infant Son
Dorwaldt, Maria
Dorwaldt, Heinrich, Friedericke, and Wilhelm
Dunklee, Hannah J.
Dunklee, Lyman E.
Dygert, Emily A.
Edwards, William C.
Fletcher, Sally S.
Fowler, Lepton and Daisy
Gardner, Harriet J.
Gardner, Herbert
Gardner, Horace H.
Gardner, Ruth
Gardner, Solomon
Gardner, Solomon J.
Geisen, Adeline A.
Gerdau, Carl
Gerdau, Johanna
Gerdau, Julia
Gerdau, Louise and Louis
Gerdau, George
Gerdau, Martin
Gould, E.H. and Esther L.
Grupe, Robert G.
Hall, Charles J.
Hall, Sylvia
Hatheway, V.B. and Elvira B.
Haven, Harriet and Infant Son
Haven, O. Irene
Hawley, Elizabeth
Hayes, Mabel M. and Charles W.
Heath, Harvey W.
Heath, Harvey W.
Heine, Wilbur L. and Olga M.
Hendrickman, Anna and Peter
Hendrickson, Charles C. and Brother
Hendrickson, Emily
Hendrickson, John
Hendrickson, John
Hendrickson, Norman G.
Hendrickson, William
Hendrickson, William C.
Hoffman, Ernst H.
Holbrook, Emily
Holbrook, Lucius M.
Householder, Lewis
Irick, Benjamin
Irick, Elizabeth
Irick, George E.
James, Timothy Jayne, B.*
Jayne, Elizabeth
Jayne, G.D. and Elizabeth A.
Jayne, G.D.
Jayne, Infant Daughter
Jayne, Mary
Johnson, Lorraine G. and Bernard L.
Kateman, William
Katz, Infant Son
Katz, Infant Son
Katz, Infant Son and Daughter
Kellogg, A.H.
Kellogg, Charlie & Bennie
Kellogg, Helen A.
Kellogg, Lenora May
Kingsley, Hezekiah H. and Joanna Wells
Kingsley, Shubel and Waity A.
Kreft, Infant Daughter
Lamb, Sarah A.
Lambert, Harvey A., Helen M. and M. Adelbert
LaMountain, Berneice M.
LaMountain, Wally R.
Light, Lewis
Light, Maby
Lombard, Lemuel G. and Eliza G.
Lombard, Lucretia A., John A., Edwin E., & Betsy A.
Loomis, Almeron T., Emily C., and Myra E.
Loomis, Charles A.
Loomis, Chester Boyd
Loomis Family
Loomis, Kittie
Loomis, Louisa
Loomis, Marcus Orlo
Loomis, Mary and Infant Son
Loomis, Minnie L.
Loomis, Myra E.
Loomis, Orlo N.
Loomis, Wealthy
Malings, Richard
Manning, Emma E. Manning, Isaac B. and Melissa A. McCloud, Harriet E.*
McNitt, George R.
Meier, Louise S and Charles G.
Meyer, John
Miller, Alvah
Miller, Amos
Miller, Daughter
Miller, E. Norton and Martha
Miller, Elmer E.
Miller, H.H.
Miller, James S. and Lydia J.
Miller, Jerusha
Miller, Jessie M., Deziah B., George H., and Infant Daughter
Miller, Laura M.
Miller, Lurancy E.
Miller, William Marcellus & Eliza Drew
Nelson, Cornelius
Nelson, Donald E.
Nelson, Faye L. and Richard E.
Nelson, Gust O.
Nelson, Gustaf and Louise
Nelson, Horatio
Nelson, Mary H.
Norgren, J. Walter
Nute, Charles
Nute, George
Nute, Huldah
Nute, Milton
Nute, Rensselaer, Eva, and  William
Nute, William
Nyberg, Caroline
O'Connell, Charles & Harriet
O'Connel, Charles Wesley
O'Connell, John & Emmet
O'Connell, Daniel & Charles Wesley
O'Connell Family
Peirce, Chloe
Peirce, Josiah T.
Pettis, Margaret and George M.
Pettis, Truman
Pounder, Eliza
Pounder, George
Pounder, George
Pounder, Thomas (1873)
Pounder, Thomas (1895)
Powers, Nancy Hendrickson
Randal, Elijah
Randal, Hobart I.
Randal, Horace W.
Reek, George, Maria, and Amalie
Richards, Benjamin
Richards, David
Richardson, B.E.
Robinson, Carle
Robinson, Rachel
Rydberg, Sven Arvid
Sabin, Adda A.
Sabin, Edwin Gerome
Sabin, Eliza
Sabin, S.R. and Phebe
Schenck, Jacob
Scoville, Albert
Seymour, Elizabeth
Seymour, John
Seymour, John
Shimmin, Clarice L. and George F.
Smith, Infant Daughter
Snow, George W.
Snow, George W.
Snow, Martha A.
Sprague, Eunice S.
Stevens, Alfred A.
Stevens, Martha J.
Stockwell, Ellen E.
Stockwell, Nellie M.
Stone, Lydia
Sunderlage, Dale C.
Sunderlage, Dorothy A.
Sunderlage, Raymond A.
Thies, Anna W. and Fred H.
Thies, Elisa M. and Wilhelmine
Thies, Hattie and John
Thies, Infant Daughter
Thies, Infant Son
Thomas, Isaac and Lydia
Townsend, Charlotte
Townsend, E.W.
Townsend, Phebe Mahala
Unknown Eddie
Unknown Elizabeth
Unknown Hattie
Unknown Ida
Unknown Ida and Hattie
Unknown Polly T. and Harriet A.
Unknown W.C.T.
Waterman, George T.
Waterman, J. Monroe
Waterman, Jeremiah
Westphal, Ludwig and Eleanor Marie
Wheeler, Lester
Wheeler, Nathan
Witte, Berta
Witte, Friderick
Witte, Willie
Woollocatt, Alice E.
Wortman, David and Jerome
Wortman, Emalyne and Lorenzo
Wortman, Halsey and Hulduh
Yamashita, Glen

*Other sources suggest Emma E. Manning died 8/26/1846, Isaac B. Manning died 4/26/1840, and Melissa A. Manning died 8/7/1845.

**Other sources suggest this may be Timothy Jayne, born 30 March 1796 in Thornbottom, Wyoming Co., PA who died in Barrington 19 Aug. 1859.