TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary 2015Tax Forms -  Federal forms and publications along with Illinois tax forms may be found online. 

Federal Forms & Publications

Illinois Tax forms

The library offers many services to help local clubs and organizations promote their activities and events to the public at large.
Have general questions? Send an email to community@balibrary.org.

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Community Calendar - local non-profit organizations may submit events for listing on our online community calendar.

Community Information Screen - the library dedicates one of its large, in-house video display screens to promoting community events. Local non-profit organizations may submit their own Powerpoint slides, or use the templates found on our website. Organizations may also submit flyers/posters via email in PDF or other formats, for the library to create slides. Complete details.

Community Pages - the library's online catalog is a place to find books, movies and other library materials. Local clubs and organizations may also include their information in the catalog, which then will be found by people searching for related subjects. For details and to be included, please contact our Adult Services department by phone at 847-382-1300.

Librarian Roadshow - librarians can visit your community group or meeting to present on a wide variety of interesting and useful topics. Complete details.

Services to businesses - In addition to non-profit organizations, the library offers many services to local businesses. See our business page and contact Business Liaison Librarian Ashley Booth at abooth@balibrary.org or by phone at 847-382-1300 X 3050.

Services to preschools - For information on how we can work with your preschool, please contact Youth Services at YouthServices@balibrary.org or by phone at 847-382-1300 X 2.

We regret that we are not able to take posters, brochures or other printed materials for display in the library, due to space limitations. Librarians are available to assist you in scanning posters for our community information screen. Please contact the Adult Services Reference Desk at adultref@balibrary.org or by phone at 847-382-1300 X 1 to make an appointment and to learn more about services for non-profits and businesses.

TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary 2016 - The Barrington Area Library held its second TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary event on October 6, 2016. Courtney Quigley, Dr. Brian Harris, Bob Lee, and Joyce Palmquist were the featured speakers.

TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary 2015 - The Barrington Area Library held its first TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary event on October 1, 2015. Sarah Bealles, David Hirsch, and Michael Miles were the featured speakers. The TEDx Program was designed to help communities spark conversation and connection through "ideas worth spreading." Please view Sarah, David, and Michael's videos and continue the conversation!