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Families worked together to create amazing stop-motion animation films! We used the app iMotion to make our films. We were using the full $2.99 version. However, a free version of the app is available.

Check out the amazing videos below!





Kids and teens used the app Green Screen by Do Ink with our green screen in Studio Kids to create videos and pictures of themselves in exciting locations. Check out the videos and pictures below that they created!







We had so much fun "painting" with light! The room was buzzing with creativity.  If you want to light paint at home, find a dark room, put a digital camera into manual mode, change the shutter speed to 15 seconds or long exposure setting, and use bright flashlights with focused light to "paint" in the air. It's that easy! Try out light painting at home and make sure to share your photos with the librarians!

Take a look at the amazing results below!



We had an awesome time making artbots - robots that move and create their own art. We used pool noodles for the body and put a motor from an electric toothbrush into the pool noodle. Next, we attached markers for feet, and decorated our artbots!

Check out the video below to see the artbots in action!