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Scratch is one of our favorite tech programs because the software is so versatile that every class creates a totally new environment. Even if you have used Scratch in the past, you can always learn another trick and design an original project.

In our fall session, for grades 5 - 8, participants developed a scene with imported or drawn characters and backgrounds and programmed their characters to interact with other objects in the scene. There were a variety of approaches and each one turned out great!

We hope you had an awesome time at the program and if you would like to make a project at home, visit the Scratch website.

(*Note: If you are having trouble viewing the project, refresh the page, or click on the title of the scene.)

Movies with Spielberg

FDR & the Headless Hunter


In the fall edition of stop-motion animation, kids (grades 2-4) combined their artistic abilities with their technology skills to create some wonderful movies. First, they came up with an outline for their story. Next, they used digital cameras to take pictures and import them into iMovie. Last, they put the finishing touches on their projects by adding professional quality opening and closing effects.

The librarians were extremely impressed with the attention to detail displayed by each group. Their hard work was apparent, as each video turned out to be a masterpiece! Great work and remember, you can make a stop-motion video at home. Click on the links below to get specific instructions for your computer.

Step-by-step instructions: Windows Live Movie Maker (PC)

Step-by-step instructions: iMovie (Mac)


In our last game design program, we barely skimmed the surface of what can be done using Scratch. However, one of the best features of Scratch is participants can go back and edit their projects. Ideas for expanding your project include adding new controls, new sprites, and even new levels. This document will show you which scripts to use in order to make a new level. If you have any questions or want to learn more, feel free to contact Youth Services.

If you were in the game design program, you can access and edit your projects here.



Games are a lot of fun to play, but designing your own game can be even better! In our program, game designers used software called Scratch to program their own motion-controlled game. Programming sounds like it would be very difficult, but participants learned that programming is just a way to tell the characters in their game how to act. It is almost like a game of Simon Says. Everyone did a fantastic job working through the commands and building their games.

Participants can download their game and continue their work. If you weren't able to make it to the class, you can start a new game by downloading Scratch. Our next blog post will include the code we used, how to make another level, and the thoughts behind our game design program.

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