Before you begin:

Your interview needs to be saved to a flash drive or some other portable device.  The Barrington Area Library has a Lacie external hard drive available for check out. 

1. Open Garage Band

2. Double click on "Voice"

3. Click the red dot button near the top of the screen to begin recording

4. When you are finished recording, click the white square to stop recording

5. When finished, click "File" and "Save As" to save your project. We recommend saving to a flash drive or a Lacie external hard drive which is available for check out

6. Click "Share" in the top menu and choose "Export Song to Disk..."

7. Name your file and save it to the flash drive or Lacie external hard drive

Burn Interview to Audio CD

1. Insert blank CD-R disc

2. Open iTunes

3. Drag audio files into "Music" folder in iTunes

4. Create a playlist by clicking on "+" in the bottom left corner of the iTunes window

5. Select the files in the "Music" folder and drag to the new playlist

6. Right click the mouse and choose "Burn Playlist to Disc"

7. Choose Audio CD > Maximum Possible > Audio CD > Gap between songs 2 seconds > Select "Sound Check" and "Include CD Text" > Click "Burn"

8. When you hear an audio notification and see that the CD has been burned to the disc, eject and enjoy

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