February 25, 2015-

There's still some space to register for Using YouTube to Market Your Business: Video is a powerful tool for building relationships with prospects and customers. Mark Goodman, president and CEO of e-Conversation Solutions, shows you how integrating YouTube into your marketing and selling process can help grow your business. Co-sponsored with SCORE Chicago. Register. Zimmerman Room.

This program will be tomorrow, February 26th at 7:00 PM.

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February 24, 2015-

Harper College is offering free workshops related to the work place and economic development- great for job seekers! Some of the workshops will be held at the Arlington Heights WorkNet Center and others will be at the Harper Professional Center in Schaumburg. See this flyer for more information. Please note that pre-registration is required for all workshops.



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February 18, 2015-

Meet Lisa Stamos, President and Publisher of Quintessential Media Group, Inc. Lisa Stamos launched Quintessential Barrington in 2005, which has become the "voice of Barrington," capturing the stories of neighbors, friends, businesses, and organizations in the Barrington area. Today Lisa talks to us about her path to starting a Barrington business and building a brand. Learn more about Quintessential Barrington at http://qbarrington.com


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February 16, 2015-

Are you thinking about turning those sketches into reality? Want to know what it takes to start your own fashion line? Meet three students from Harper Fashion Design School who have created shoe lines, clothing lines, and more. Get the inside story on the fashion biz tomorrow, February 17th at 7:00 PM. Register here.

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February 13, 2015-

Meet Kathie and Diane, two of the owners of The Pink Geranium & Company in Barrington. As the next installment in the ongoing Barrington Area Library's Business Podcast Series, Kathie and Diane discuss what it is like to collaborate with others and turn your passion into business. Learn more at pinkgeraniumandco.com/

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February 9, 2015-

There is still time to register! Learn how to build trusted relationships by learning the six keys to sustained business development success. Bob Lambert, founding partner of Samurai Business Group LLC, explains how to create unlimited prospect opportunities, leverage the buying decision model, and discover your competitive advantage. Co-sponsored with SCORE Chicago.

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January 30, 2015-

According to Entrepreneur Magazine Online, there are 10 movies that every entrepreneur must watch (and we think check out from the library!) See the full list below and get inspired. Click on the item to place it on hold or request it from another library. Questions? Contact us at 847.382.1300 x1

(See full article at Entrepreneur Magazine Online)


1) The Social Network

2) Glengarry Glenn Ross

3) Pirates of Silicon Valley

4) Citizen Kane

5) The Pursuit of Happyness

6) Moneyball

7) Rocky

8) Wall Street

9) Jerry Maguire

10) Office Space



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January 29, 2015-

Meet Blaine and Charlie, owners of Calibre Coffee. Blaine and Charlie purchased this existing business in February 2014 and share their insights into what it has been like buying a business that already existed and the importance of having a good relationship when you go into business with another person. Learn more about their business at calibrecoffee.com


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